Fear and Anger

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The strongest part of the “Transiting” (in the Sky Now) chart these days is a Yin Gate featuring an Opposition between dwarf planet Sedna (Fear and Anger) and asteroid Klotho (the Fabric from which a Lifetime – or Ego-Timeline – is Fabricated).  For most folks reading this, Klotho – from which our word cloth derives – represents what follows an Ego Death more than what follows a Walk-In or a new Incarnation.  

While asteroids Aletheia (Truth) and Sappho (Self-Love) continue to Oppose one another, they’ve moved away from their Conjunctions with Sedna and Klotho (respectively), and therefore moved out of the Yin Gate or Mystery School.  A Yin Gate is always embedded in a Golden Rectangle (Much Grace), and our current Forbidden-Genius / Yintegrity  / Rebirth / End-of-Limitations Golden Rectangle remains (that’s Saturn-Ixion / Uranus-Eris / Jupiter-Haumea /…

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