Mars Trine Saturn, fanning the fire

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March 5

Gemini Moon is very active today as is its want. It’ a good day to run around and get a lot of little things done. Your mind and your mouth will be moving at excessive speeds.

Gemini Taurus capricorn Napoleon Brousseau

Painting by Napoleon Brousseau

Here’s a run down of all the lunar aspects in squares

  1. Moon square Neptune. 2, then Mercury 3. then the SUN and 4. Chiron in Pisces throughout the day.

It’s alternatively dreamy, focussed, positive but wishy-washy, or inspired by a new fantasy and lastly there will be wounds which you may choose not to feel and to gloss over as the Gemini moon just keeps on taking in more and more info.

The Twiner moon also sextiles a newly retro VENUS in ARIES

this gives easy access to reviewing your love life, your phone list, your go-to girls.


The need for practical long-term plans are still…

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