Magically Clarifying Days-Mar 5&6

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Snapshot: Late Saturday night we had some subconscious words about our revised desires. Before noon on Sunday our motivations created a bit of subconscious irritation. But mid-afternoon brings some ease between our motivations and philosophical structures. But the evening kicks off some magic between our goals and relating. Morning brings the words to express these goals and then we have very clarifying expressions of our goals by Sunday evening.

At 11.17pm on Saturday night Mercury at 13:08 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Venus Rx at 13:08 Aries.

Here our words expressed some subconscious revision to our personal desires.

At 10:52am on Sunday Mars at 26:51 Aries Semi-Squared Neptune at 11:51 Pisces.

Here there was some irritation. You might have felt it and noticed it via a dream, but it likely woke you up. Not a biggie, but a subconscious check to Mar’s actions.

At 3:45pm Mars at 26:50 Aries Trines Saturn at 26:59…

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