March 6 – 10, 2017: Weekly financial astrology predictions

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Global: Nov 17 – Dec 2, 2016 (esp. Nov 23-25, 2016), then Mar 23 – Apr 7, 2017 (esp. Mar 30-31, 2017), and finally Jul 28 – Aug 11, 2017 (esp. Aug 3-4, 2017) — larger than usual market moves and a significant reversal (probably from a MAX reached around peak days of Nov 23-24, 2016 as well as Mar 30-31, 2017 and Aug 3-4, 2017 to down in the days following the respective peak days). Increased focus on legal issues, lawyers, power struggles (over legal issues) or ethical problems due to hidden issues, spying, secrets, taxes, and/or [life] insurance. Additionally, there may be increased focus on taxes, loans, insurance, nuclear power, recycling plants, birth control, reproductive issues, end-of-life issues (e.g., is assisted suicide legal), and businesses that deal with trash disposal — these too may begin to undergo significant changes  due to some laws or expansion. Some issue(s)…

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Real Time Astrology: March 2017

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Viva Combusta!

Astrology March 2017 horoscope predictionsPainting by Hirabayashi Takahiro

March marches along (sorry) at a fairly ho-hum pace at first, picking up the tempo by months end. This is, of course, Pisces season, with Mercury in Pisces until March 13th and the Sun in Pisces until March 20th. The most notable of the events in March has already occurred by the time of this post (sorry!): Venus stationing retrograde at 13 degrees Aries on Saturday, March 4th. Venus will remain retrograde until April 15th and will remain retrograde in Aries for the rest of March. (Venus will retrograde into Pisces in April). Venus is in detriment in Aries, meaning it has to work harder here than in any other sign to express it’s true nature. This goes double when Venus is retrograde. The focus is the turning of values inwards and away from the values of society, our values as sovereign individuals becomes more important…

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Monday 06/03/2017

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Journey by the sea

Monday 6th March, 2017.

The Sun and Mercury are in Pisces

The Moon enters Cancer today.

The Sun and Mercury are in Pisces. When Mercury is in Pisces we are gentle communicators with a soft touch that is pleasing and warm, our thought and thinking process is more visual and we express ourselves with imagery, and make decisions intuitively. However today communication may be some what emotional, so its really important to practice self-care and stop all self-criticism and sabotage.

The Moon enters Cancer today. The Cancer Moon is homey, emotional, and protective. When the Moon is in its home sign we tend to want to nest at home with family and friends. Cook a meal and have a movie night with someone you love or retreat and have some self-care time.

Have a great Monday

Andy J xx

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Daily Forecast : Horoscope – March 6th, 2017

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Anoop Astrology Sutra

Daily Forecast based on Signs for March 6th, 2017

Aries (Mesh Rashi)

  • Day is result oriented. Utilize this day along with next day.
  • Enjoy aura of your personality, do not impose your opinion. Avoid imposing command.
  • Execute planning properly, results will bless.
  • Students your preparation will be paying you.
  • Recognition will be better, enjoy this moment. Your strong personality will help you.
  • It will be better to talk as much as required. Otherwise, some issues may develop.

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Astrology : Daily Panchang – March 6th, 2017

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Anoop Astrology Sutra

Daily Panchang – March 6th, 2017

Phalgun Month of hindu calendar, 9th day – Navami, Shukla Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Mrigshira Nakshtra and will be till 19:41 Hrs (IST), Moon will be in Ardra Nakshtra at 19:41 Hrs (IST). Preeti Yog, Balav Karan.

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Sky report: Venus goes retrograde 2017

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Hermit Fool

Venus, lesser benefic, planet of love, beauty, relationships and feelings just went through ups and downs with exaltation and detriment. From Pisces to Aries, and now again in the time of her retrograde state she will be switching signs from Aries (detriment) to Pisces (exaltation).

It could almost be described with the feelings on drugs or alcohol, with exaltation it’s the peak of the feelings, and detriment is more like, uncomfortable feeling of morning when it’s all over, fun is no more, you start feeling very uncomfortable and just need some rest. That’s Venus in Aries, especially retrograde.

Retrograde planets always act a little bit strange. They’re more turned  inwards and not so much to the outside world. Venus is special. It’s concerned with our love affairs, relationships, sense of value, money, art, beautiful things in life and hedonism.  Interesting thing about Venus is that her retrograde stations form a…

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Real Time Astrology: Full Moon In Virgo March 12th, 2017

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Viva Combusta!

Full moon March 12 Virgo astrology predictions Photo by Margaret Durow

The Full Moon of Sunday, March 12th (9:54 AM CST) will fall at 22 degrees Virgo. A strange mash-up, this one. The opposition between the unfocused Sun and Mercury in Pisces to the focused and industrious Virgo Full Moon looks like an effort to bring order out of chaos, something particularly relevant as the first lunation after two potent eclipses that mopped the floor with many of us (myself included). Man, what chaos. We’re still in Pisces season, still reeling from that doozy of a Pisces eclipse, still trying to summon the emotional energy to get going again. The Virgo Full Moon, while trying to set things right again through emotional control and rationale, still has to contend with a fair amount of chaos. This isn’t necessarily a tough Full Moon but it can be a headache for some.

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March 2017 personal calendar

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Astronoger insight

Monthly Energy Finders are created using the individual’s natal chart.  Look ahead for the good days.


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Weekly horoscope for 6 March 2017

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Sara, Psychic and Astrology Readings

dynamicglasselementsRead on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to

Aries  A problem which has been bubbling away in the background could reach boiling point as someone gossips without realizing the damage they could cause. The good news is that once the fuss has died down everyone, including you, will feel much better. An impulsive buy at the shops is bad for your budget but good for your soul.

Taurus Try to stick to the facts when having arguments this week as being a drama queen about the small stuff could cause big trouble. Issues from your past may be having more of an influence on how you feel than you realize. Talking things over with someone you trust could give you the insight you need right now.


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Astrology for March 5-11, 2017

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March is here and it has come roaring like a lion.  For folks in the mid-west and parts of the southeast, Tuesday and Wednesday left tens of thousands with electricity, and with a swath of destruction from nearly 30 tornadoes over the two day period.  Heavy rains and high winds left a path of destruction across parts of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee on Tuesday. The storm generated a few more tornadoes on Wednesday as it moved across western Tennessee, eastern Kentucky, and West Virginia on Wednesday.  Sadly, there was also some loss of life.

The Sun in Pisces signals the end of the astrological year and winter, and lets us know that Spring is on its way. This reminds me of that famous quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson,  In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”  This year, young men might…

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