Venus Retrograde Aries/Pisces: March 4 – April 15

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On March 4th, Venus, planet of love, beauty and pleasure, will station retrograde in the 13° of Aries and make its way back into Pisces, where it will join Neptune and Chiron. While on this backwards journey, Venus will form a conjunction to Mercuryexact on April 1st , and then head on into Pisces, where it will meet up with and form a conjunction to Chiron in the 26° of Pisces. It is here, in the very same degree occupied by Chiron, the wounded healer, where Venus will also station direct on April 15th.

This retrograde, Venus will spend the next 6 weeks backtracking to where it was on January 30th, bringing awareness or re-emphasizing certain experiences that we have had since then. It is likely the issues Venus will touch on have been consuming too much of our energy…

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