Your Money Horoscope: March 2017

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money-horoscope_20170201_600x320A Crowning Moment for New Beginnings

Venus, the spendthrift lover of the zodiac, has planned an extended stay in impulsive, energy-packed Aries as she begins to retrograde starting March 4. This will last through April 15. Similar to a Mercury retrograde, this would be an unwise time to make a big-ticket purchase. However, unlike Mercury, Venus will tempt you to spend and make you feel like you’ve “just gotta have it.” Use all your re words during any retrograde, such as rethink, regroup and so on. However, in March resist should be on the top of that word list.

Also, mark the 27th on your money horoscope calendar as the New Moon in Aries will set the “crown of stars” in the sky when it joins Uranus, Venus, Mercury and the Sun in the same sign. This gives the fresh-start energy of the New Moon some star-studded astrological power…

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