The Descent

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Birth of Venus Astrology


While there is an incredible amount of astrological literature available to you around this upcoming retrograde transit of Venus (please see the wonderful work of Chani Nicholas here) I offer my sentiments, thoughts and intuition on the significance of this journey ahead:

In some respect the transit is only semi-rare; Venus appears to go backward in the sky roughly every 18 months. However, she only traverses the same sign in such a way every 8 years, with a variance in degrees.  Within a lifetime, she will only retrograde between 5 astrological signs.  (see above image as an example from – and notice the 5 pointed star… any associations?)

So, this work we are beginning in Aries/Pisces is significant to that specific area of our natal chart that Aries and Pisces occupy, but in general we must go to the collective themes and subsequent medicine and myth associated with…

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