March I

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As we move into March, our Grace-Full Unique-Genius-Recovery and Rebirth-into-Yintegrity Golden Rectangle Configuration remains strong.  As the month wears on the planets separate a bit from our three-Degree limit (though all month we can still chain them together), but remember that for any project we’re beginning, including a Persona we’re Birthing or Rebirthing – which is exactly what we’re doing – windows of six to eight or even ten Degrees are more appropriate.

At the beginning of March the eight planets (two on each corner of the Golden Rectangle) span 21-27 Degrees, but we can chain them together easily: [21,23,23,23,25,25,26,27].  By the end of March the span stretches to 20-30, but chaining is still possible: [20,21,24,24,24,27,28,30].

Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian message for today has some good suggestions for our Unique-Genius Recovery…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Our Rebirth-into-Self-Love Yin Gate doesn’t stay quite so coherent, as…

  • Sappho (Self-Love) gradually separates from Klotho (Cutting the Cloth of a New Timeline/Persona)…

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