Clarity & Venus Retrograde-Mar 3

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Snapshot: On Friday morning we have some clarity around our personal desires. By lunchtime we may have some aggressive words we hear or say. And at 4:00am on Saturday morning, our desires begin their review phase. By morning our words will express something about the dissolving in our lives.

At 7:49am the Sun at 13:08 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Venus at 13:08 Aries.

Venus is one minute from her Retrograde Station which occurs at 4:00am on Saturday morning. She is slowing down considerably and the Sun is able to shed some light on some subconscious aspect of our desires. What we SEE via the Sun today will get revised in some way within 24 hours or so.

At 12:47pm Mercury at 10:27 Pisces Semi-Squares Mars at 25:27 Aries.

Here there could be some heated words that come from some depth that is bigger than just us. Our motivations could be expressed, but…

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