AlchemyAstrology: 2-3 March, 2017 – sidereal

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Alchemy Astrology

ACTIVE – Moon in Aries, laboratory process of Calcinationemotionally aggressive

Calcination is to intensely heat (as with inorganic materials) to a high temperature, but without fusion, in order to drive off volatile matter, or to effect changes (as oxidation or pulverization.) What remains is a fine dry powder.

A good time to : take action; it’s also easier to inspire others to help.

Challenges: aggressive inclinations; be careful not to get too fired up or you might burn it down.

Balance: alone time; any anxiety will subside and it will be more beneficial to relax doing something pleasant.

Keywords to Contemplate:
Unconventional . . . . . . . .  Sun in Aquarius – persistent, concentrative
Aggressive (emotionally) . Moon in Aries – changes, persistent
Original  . . . . . . . . . . . .  Mercury in Aquarius  – mental, concentrative

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