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Today’s Pisces New Moon that’s also a Solar Eclipse brings in a heightened sense of awareness. Depending on which side of Pisces you choose to tune to, you can see the bigger picture of all-inclusiveness of all life, or the devil-may-care attitude of the other side of Pisces, illusion trying to escape reality.

Because Pisces’ ruler Neptune is closely together with the Lights as well, even more sensitivity comes into play.

Depending where this triple conjunction of Sun, Moon, and Neptune, all in Pisces falls in your personal horoscope, you can find you look for a deeper meaning, a connection in all life described by the house it happens astrologically. If it’s close to, or in a hard aspect of square or opposition to one of the other planets or angles, things are sure to take an almost otherworldly hue. Use this online free calculator to find out in which…

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