FLUSHED : Pisces New Moon

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On New Moons release the past, any habits, conditioning, thoughts, beliefs that aren’t authentic or no longer serve you. At this time the Moon and Sun are united at the exact same degree in the sky, both their lights blocked from our sight, merging both conscious and unconscious aspects of our mind. Energy is bought into a contemplative and quiet mood. This makes rich soil for contacting your inner/higher self, planning and setting foundations for your path.
Write down what you are releasing, then burn them as you visualise and feel yourself let go with love and gratitude for how they have served you up until now.

New Moons are about Manifesting, so next plant the seeds of intention you want to sew, then water them with action. Write up to 10 intentions or affirmations to bring into your life over the next six months, by the Full Moon in…

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