February 25, 2017

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Know Your Vibes Astrology

Today starts off with high energy, but all flowing well. Take some time for yourself this morning, doing what makes you happy. A little later, there’s some wonderful energy for bonding with a partner, so if you want to be around someone else, it’s a great time to do so. Around noon, putting in a little bit of work isn’t a bad idea and you’ll find that whatever new ideas you come up with in the process will go a long way when given your best efforts. Later tonight, the mental energy shifts into something much more intuitive and diffuse. Don’t get upset if you can’t really express your ideas or thoughts as clearly. Instead, focus on feeling them. The emotional energy will sync up here as well. Spend some time alone or with a partner, in a tranquil space. Find some inner peace or reflect on your inner energy. Pay…

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