Current Transits – Pisces

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The Sun moved into Pisces on February 18.

Pisces is ruled by planet Neptune. Pisces marks the culmination of the circular evolvement of individual awareness back to spiritual wholeness. Neptune reflects that part in us that is able to experience oneness with all that is. When we feel connection and compassion for others, for humanity as a whole, new-moon-feb-2017even for other species, as well as for our selves, we draw from our “spiritual heart”. The energy of Pisces entices us to live from that greater heart as a way of life.

Current Transits

The New Moon is on February 26. The planet Mars serves as an instigator of action in this lunar configuration. Mars joins Uranus, almost exactly; giving active and impulsive energy to the ongoing Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter square that is dominating the human collective during this year. Uranus is already a freedom-loving, eccentric and rebellious force for each and…

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