Prepare for a successful New Moon

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Riding Moon Cycles

Let’s gather in our comfy chairs and contemplate the waning moon for a few minutes. Sink back in the cushions and start to believe that you have all of the information that you need. We’re just pondering today and not taking any drastic actions. So, relax!


The moon cycle is a marvelous vehicle for processing very personal issues, creative goals, and even business strategies.

Grab a cup of tea or other favorite drink and let us muse for a while about this time and how it will work to benefit you during the next New Moon phase.

We are now at the end of Full Moon week during the waning moon. This is an important time! Now through the next week is the preparation time for the New Moon.

Now we think about the effects of what was created from the last New Moon JAN 27 and manifested at the…

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