Annular Solar Eclipse 2017 New Hopes & Wishes

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Amit Kaushik Astrology

The solar eclipse on 26 February 2017 is at 13 degrees Aquarius. The solar eclipse February 2017 astrology is dominated by the spiritual planet Neptune to bring hope of a brighter future. Good fortune and lasting happiness come from the stars in this region of the sky.

The February 2017 solar eclipse is just as happy and magical as the February 10 lunar eclipse. Acting in unison over coming months, this eclipse phase gives you an opportunity to turn your dreams into reality by drawing on your god given talents.

You can look forward to enduring results especially in relationships, so long as you remain humble and grateful to a higher power. Extravagance, greed or selfishness will see an end to your good fortune by the beginning of the next eclipse phase in August 2017.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Meaning
Like any new moon, a solar eclipse represents the end…

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