Solar Eclipse 26 February 2017

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Peter Stockinger's Traditional Astrology Weblog

On 26 February 2017, at 14:58UT, there will be an annular solar eclipse. The eclipse will be visible in its totality in southern South America, across the Atlantic, and into southern Africa. The partial eclipse will be visible in southern South America, and south-west Africa. This eclipse is one of Saros Series 140. It has a duration of 5 hours and 26 minutes. The map below shows the visibility of the eclipse (time observed is UT):


The astrological chart, cast for Washington , also shows the event:


Before we will discuss any possible effects on the individual, we should have a look at the mundane astrological implications of this eclipse. To be able to do this, we have to establish where the eclipse is likely to have its greatest effect. For this purpose we need to find out which countries or cities fall under the rulership of Pisces, the sign…

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This can be a fun energy time for you. You can be more playful with this energy. For others of you , you can be more about play at this time. Not everyone is going to agree with you or may be in the Valentine day spirit as you. For some of you, you could be receiving good news today. Or you can be stepping out of your routine


Watch your emotional self with this energy, because you can be a bit impulsive. You tend to want things your way with this energy, so this can be a frustrating time for you. For some of you , you can be…

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14/02/16 Happy Valentines Day!

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Journey by the sea

Tuesday February 14th, 2017

The Moon is in harmonious Libra.

Te Moon opposes Venus in Aires.

The Moon is in Libra couldn’t be any more ideal for this day of love. Happy Valentines day! The Moon in Libra opposes Venus in Aires. Venus the planet of love and beauty in Aires is not so much ideal, see Aires is driven and forceful and “ME” oriented, so this means Venus is a little more heightened and intense than normal. So look out passion is high today, especially when it comes to getting your needs met. However today will be great for romance, but the intensity  could be a little to much of a good thing. Try and cool it down , don’t jump down people’s throat if they day does not work out how you wanted. Passion and Love is high on the agenda, so just enjoy the day for what…

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Clarity & Expressions of Change-Feb 14

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Just after midnight on Tuesday (EST) we will have some clarity around our structures and authority. Early morning, we can express our awareness of the clarity. Then we need to make a Soulful adjustment to our relating followed by subconscious words that come from down deep.

At 12:58am the Sun at 25:44 Aquarius Sextiles Saturn at 25:44 Sagittarius.

Some shake-up to the old status quo of our belief system could be in order. You will get clear on what needs to change.

At 5:00am Mercury at 10:44 Aquarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 25:44 Sagittarius.

2nd part of a 3-way aspect involves awareness to express what needs to change.

At 9:14am Jupiter at 23:02 Libra Quincunx Chiron at 23:02 Pisces.

Here we have to make an adjustment to our relating that resolves any fear we may have about relating or relating-ships. We need to get Soulful and see how we are…

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Astrology : Daily Panchang – February 14th, 2017

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Anoop Astrology Sutra

Daily Panchang – February 14th, 2017

Phalgun Month of hindu calendar, 4th day – Chaturthi, Krishna Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Uttaraphalguni Nakshtra and will be till 09:56 Hrs (IST), Moon will be in Hast Nakshtra at 09:56 Hrs (IST). Dhriti

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Today’s Astro-Insights – Tues 14 Feb 2017

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With the Moon now in relationship sign, Venus-ruled Libra, the scene is all set for a harmonious and smoochy Valentine’s Day. If you’re keen to win over someone’s heart, then you’ll need to follow protocol and think traditional romantic gestures. Putting on the charm, minding your manners and showing good taste with regards to gifts, cards and restaurant choice will all help you woo your intended.

The Sun also sextiles Saturn today. From a work point of view, this is a good time to exercise self-discipline or restraint – people will notice your composure and grit if you do. Working steadily towards achieving your goals will not only prove satisfying, but past hard work could also pay off now. A great day to cultivate relationships with those in authority.

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Today’s Astro-Insights – Mon 13 Feb 2017

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We start the working week with the Moon firmly in industrious and efficient sign of Virgo – excellent if you want to get things off to a flying start. Attack your inbox and admin to-do list with gusto because you’ll be able to make significant progress now, even with those detailed, boring tasks you usually hate.

Later, at around 9pm GMT, the Moon will change signs and your focus will move towards more work-life balance, social harmony and justice. Working towards achieving more of an even exchange of energies within partnerships is one really constructive way to use this energy, as is campaigning for greater gender equality.

Use the next two days or so to strive for greater harmony and balance in your life. When it comes to relationships of all kinds, compromise, charm and diplomacy will stand you in good stead.

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