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[Originally posted shortly past Election Day 2016 (November 8, 2016)]

Chances are good that, if you follow this blog, you read my piece “A Few Election Predictions.”  In it, I wrote “Here is our analysis of the 2012 election.  It was also extremely close and extremely messy and difficult to predict.  But, we wrote these words:  “But, Obama has the Moon conjunct Mercury, a bit more favorable as far as aspects go.  We think he will win.”  This time we think Hillary will win.  But, again, it will be both close and messy.”

Well, I got it “wrong.”  The decision came back more quickly than I thought.  But, it was “extremely close,” (not in terms of electoral college but in terms of actual votes in each state / county) and Hillary won the popular vote, albeit narrowly.  I do not think I should fault myself too strongly.

A piece called “MAD PROPHECY, BAD ASTROLOGY AND THE TRUMP WIN” by McCleary has inspired me to write a followup.    The most important point made is one I completely agree with: astrology and Christianity should NOT be viewed as in conflict.  The conflict emerged, and emerges, any time an intermediary attempts to interpret God (or “the Gods” or “the Cosmic” or however you conceive of God, assuming you are not an atheist or agnostic).

Witness any of a number of “Black Magic Specialists” out of India and the Middle East, and you can easily pick up on why the entire domain has a bad name.  Western astrologers are frequently guilty of abuses also, as are card readers, palm readers, and anything remotely similar.  And so was it true with the Catholic Church prior to (and probably after) the Protestant Reformation as they sold “indulgences” and similar corrupt practices.  The problem is NOT with Astrology, itself.  The problem is with intermediaries who “interpret” God.  (The same thing could be said of anyone who has “words to thank for their positions,” not just “poets, priests, and politicians.”)

That said, once the motives of money and power are stripped out of the process (which is one of the main reasons why Grandtrines is both anonymous and not for profit), an entirely new dynamic emerges.  “Getting it wrong” can still happen, but the mistakes tend to be “honest” ones.

So, noting modifications that must be necessary (refer to “Zeitgeist,” which we referenced in our previous post), astrologers CAN be based in Christianity (much to the chagrin of both non-Christian astrologers and fundamentalist Christians).  You may not agree with that, but we are living in the times of Uranus (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn), and awakenings to ideas outside of the standard mental “boxes” are happening.

Someone almost certainly lived who was the basis for Jesus Christ.  What we have documented in the Christian Bible is almost certainly such a modified story that it may bear little resemblance to what happened in the life of the actual person.  Some of it, we know now, is simply  preposterous if taken literally.  Much of it is almost certainly hidden astrological  (and metaphysical) allegory (as per Zeitgeist).  Embracing these ideas in modern times leads to a radically new form of “Christianity” that is quite remote from the fundamentalists.  It is necessarily tolerant of other belief systems, including the Wiccans that the Fundamentalists reject.  (Indeed, this highly modified variant of Christianity may have more in common with the Wiccans than the Fundamentalists.)

For anyone well read enough to know it, one of the old classics in Astrology in the 1600’s was titled “Christian Astrology.”  Somehow “we” have forgotten or ignore that despite it being one of the most important books ever written regarding Western Astrology.  And, hmm, wonder why he titled it that?

Since my beliefs do not seem to fit with much of anyone (other than McCleary and Lilly and a few like-minded readers), I ordinarily do not discuss those beliefs.

“Mainstream Media” has followed in the footsteps of the aforementioned “black magic specialists,” money changers in the temple, and corrupt priests.  They have been so corrupt and deceptive for decades, now, that I (along with others) prefer to call them “lamestream media.” (See, also: Wikipedia entry discussing lamestream media.  And, though we adopt this term, we mean no offense to anyone with a disability of any kind, except maybe the ones with a comprehensive inability to think for themselves.)

The power they can wield, and money they can make through their influence, is extraordinarily corrupting.  And that is both why THEY “got it wrong” AND why Trump was elected.  Enough of us are fed up with the crap this broken system has been putting out that we voted for Trump and halted them from putting their chosen darling into the highest office of the land.  For once, we won.

The lamestream media would have us believe that Trump was the KKK president and all that rot.  That is what they WANTED us to believe, and that is what they repeatedly published.  But, is that really accurate?

If you think it is accurate, then maybe you should read Jack Brewer’s piece where he says “Former President Bill Clinton’s crime bill resulted in more blacks being sent to prison for non-violent crimes than during any other president’s administration in our nation’s history. Not only did he enforce and promote mass incarceration at that time, he went on to stand behind these policies for almost 20 years. If there is one thing that has stripped underserved black communities of opportunity, it is the unwarranted incarceration of non-violent black men and women that has left hundreds of thousands of families without their fathers or mothers.”

Have you not heard this?  If not, then maybe you are getting too many of your “facts” from television news.

And if both of those things are true, that you did not know what Brewer states but do get your “facts” from television, chances are good you are a Democrat (or Dem leaning independent).

How can I say that?  If you look back at my piece “Presidential Election 2012” you will see this Amazon Heat Map:

That heat map is the kind of thing lamestream media wishes would disappear.  Again, you might ask, “Why?”  The answer is that it tends to indicate that Republicans (and conservative independents and Libertarians) tend to read while Democrats (and liberal independents and Libertarians) tend to watch television.  Sales of paper-based books are dropping, and the pundits and “experts” tended to write off people who read in favor of the dumbed-down television audiences.

But the reasons why paper-based book and newspaper sales are dropping is because those are being displaced by the Internet where, despite the prevalence of Youtube and other “tube sites,” Internet users tend to read, just as you are doing at this moment!  “We” (Internet users) are a totally new ballgame, and we are a huge and growing audience.

Collectively, we do not like dumbed-down anything except maybe “Grumpy Cat” videos.  And, it was “Dewey Beats Truman” all over again.  (See, also: the Wikipedia entry on Dewey Defeats Truman.  I think the Chicago Tribune deserves kudos for having the courage to write that piece.  But, then, they are a bit of mainstream media for people who read.)

In that election (Truman), the pollsters were wrong because they thought checking the automobile registration rolls and phone books were enough for a “representative sample.”  But enough people who did not have either cars or telephones voted to make a big difference.  That same kind of thing happened this time, but it is television viewers who drink the lamestream media Kool-aid as opposed to more discerning Internet audiences.

It was NOT just “people who do not have a college education.”  (As an aside, that was touted as some kind of insult.  We cannot say anything untoward anyone because of race, gender, religion, sexual preference or the rest of the laundry list, but lamestream media pundits can slam an entire group of people because maybe they did not have an educational opportunity?  And they call themselves “liberals”?  Really?)

The fact is, any astrologer worth their salt knows that these events (including Brexit and more to come) are being driven by the series of Uranus square Pluto transits that have been written about so much.  Those are about empowering the disenfranchised and often about drawing new lines in the sand.  The fascists, now, are the “liberals” who want to slam their groupthink down our throat using three populous states and a few “swing states.”

The conservatives, now, have become the “rebels.”  (Maybe not the best way to say that.  If you are a liberal and a “rebel” then it refers to mythic poetry of Star Wars, and you are a hero.  If you are a conservative and a “rebel” then you are considered a de facto white supremacist.  How is THAT for chicken-sh*t double talk?  It ain’t just “Crooked Hillary” that is out lyin’.)  Jack Brewer has a good point about the lies and deception coming out of the “liberals.”  And people, black, white, latino, asian and other, are awfully tired of it.  Mark my words, the election of Donald Trump to the White House is just the beginning.

This is not just about a somewhat vitriolic conservative going into office.  It is not just about the fact that NAFTA and Obama-care are abominations.  (Free trade is needed, and health care reform is needed (“pre-existing conditions” were just a way to cheat the public), but “open borders” is not the answer and the “Affordable Care Act” has been a disaster.)  New lines are being drawn.  The Pluto Return for the United States circa 2020 will tell us just how much.


(I thought I had better include the Grumpy Cat video for any liberals who are actually reading this. 🙂 )


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  4. All the votes are in and tallied

    As of today Trump won the popular vote also as well as the electoral college

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    • No likes on this article. I suppose that is not quite surprising.


    • The news sources I checked said some of the vote count is not quite completed. I will wait until after all that is wrapped up before I make a modification.


  5. Interesting post, just a little bit of a long read for me, nonetheless i did skim over, ifinn you were to test me, i would fail..

    hugs chris

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  6. I didn’t read this earlier or I’d have liked it 😉

    It’s beyond absurd to think hordes and hordes of racist hillbillies have been laying in wait, allowing Obama to be voted in twice, and suddenly decided this year was the year to pounce… but that’s exactly how anyone not buying what Clinton was selling was portrayed. One reason they got it so wrong was because they so unfairly discriminated against Trump voters that it was a safer choice for most people to remain quiet than to speak out. This is a lesson courtesy Saturn in Sagittarius: censorship and politically correct culture creates an environment when people curb (Saturn) their personal broadcast (Sagittarius) and the ones doing the censoring/thought policing will be kept out of the loop.

    FWIW the people I knew who voted Trump came from every demographic and most didn’t like him as a person but were voting for what they felt was the best economic plan. Obamacare has been great for a small number of people, but for so many it’s completely unaffordable and it is cheaper to go without and pay the fine, which is horrible since you’re essentially fining poor people for the crime of being poor at that point.

    I’ve learned that finer points of discussion such as these issues are not welcome in the current social environment which is why so many remain silent about how they feel. This will only further divide people but it is what it is. Which means some will be more prepared than others for things like the Pluto return.

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    • Once again, we are in complete agreement, and I think your point about Saturn in Sadge is a good one. For anyone who takes a hard look at the liberal rhetoric, some of it has become ludicrous (such as characterizing everyone who voted for Trump as “racist hillbillies”). The minds of these people are so landlocked that they have become incapable of grasping the gaping holes in their thinking. I think that is why we are seeing such extreme reactions after the election. Their mental flexibility is absent, and they embody precisely the kind of rigidity that they claim to reject. A shakeup was overdue. And, 2020 will be even more profound.


  7. Here’s an excerpt from a newsletter I subscribe to:

    What If There Is Also Good News?
    It is worth considering why you signed up to this newsletter in the first place. It was because of your intention to wrangle some very tough thoughts into useful arrangement, and to muddle through some even tougher challenges.

    So… Let’s wrangle some thoughts.

    I opened The Chaos Protocols with a Terence McKenna quote. “The problem is not to find the answer, it is to face the answer.” As of now, we are very much in a facing phase. That’s the first piece of good news. A problem has been solved. At the very least, we have a clearer picture of the shape of the battlefield than we did last week. I will return to this statement.

    There is even more good news, however: This is not quite the American apocalypse you ordered or feared.

    Firstly, and most importantly, if we can make it to January without World War Three erupting then we will likely not see World War Three.

    Secondly, it looks very much like the TPP is dead on arrival. This is universally good for those who believe in the rule of law and democracy above the whims of global corporations. (On a personal basis, this also means that the hard-won native title access and custodianship rights of Australian aborigines are no longer directly at risk from American mining companies – a potential outcome that was causing me no small amount of anxiety.)

    There is yet more good news. And for this good news, once again we turn to demography for succour: America is not the fetid wasteland of racist maniacs you are likely hearing about on Twitter. I am about to prove that with numbers, but before I do we need to have another discussion about coherence and ice cream headaches.

    The reality is that every single person who voted this week did so out of the belief that their vote and their choice of candidate would bring about a better tomorrow. That is a tremendously unifying thought to hold in one’s head. Obviously, I was slightly alarmed at the widespread inability to parse genuine macro risk from all the electioneering and fear mongering garbage, to say nothing of the liberal intelligentsia’s singular refusal to admit the prefix “Neo” is, by definition, permanently painted on their parade float of Arab children’s skulls –and that no amount of on-campus, non-gendered bathrooms will ever wash it off. Ever.

    So -whisper it- but a global conflagration is now less likely. And -shout it- what future generations will certainly describe as an Arab genocide may finally come to an end.

    That said, what lies before us can hardly be considered utopia. (It’s almost as if we should have some sort of word that means ‘opposite of utopia’ or ‘delivered utopia that is anything but’.)

    Picture yourself standing on a rickety, single rail bridge with a train barrelling toward you and a treacherous, rock strewn, icy river down below. We have just leapt from the bridge. Gravity has yet to find us but it certainly will soon.

    Ice cream headaches are not cured by repeating this metaphor, over and over, in the vain hope that others will believe it. Coherence is not restored by convincing those trapped in the neoliberal hologram that this is so.

    Coherence is restored by demonstrating that their cartoon villain vision of America is quantifiably incorrect. It relies on two cognitive errors, currently caught in an infinite loop:
    A vote for anyone but Clinton -be it Stein, Trump or Johnson- makes one a thundering racist/sexist/homophobe.
    Now that she has lost, the whole country must be thunderingly racist/sexist/homophobic.

    “Let’s break this down:

    132 million Americans voted. Clinton got less of a turnout than Obama. And if you add non-voters to non-Trump-voters what do you get? A better barometer of the sanity of non-tweeting Americans. You still live in the same country which, like anywhere, has many flaws and many good points. (It was a high turnout year overall, which further suggests it is a repudiation of the corrupt Establishment rather than the rise of the racists.)

    The country is not actually as divided as the Twitter teeth-gnashers would have you fear:

    The percentage of Latinos voting Republican is up from 2012. Up!
    Obama got a higher percentage of the female vote than Clinton.
    It strains credulity to suggest that an unending mass of racists decided to wait out two terms of a black presidency before demonstrating their racism by refusing to vote for a white woman. The demography simply does not match this assertion. Certainly, people vote for racist reasons. It is, however, a very poor singular explanation.

    More likely:

    The reality is a huge percentage of Trump voters voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Seems unusual behaviour for racists. Unless it was, you know, economically motivated behaviour?

    As Michael Moore has said, Clinton won the popular vote. Now, the popular vote is not the same thing as receiving the majority of votes because it is a side effect of the electoral college system but it is still a grateful reminder that the America you are afraid of is actually the same America it was last week, filled with the same Americans –many of whom share your commitment to social justice (for other Americans, anyway).

    Yes, Clinton received more of the <$30K household income vote –as do basically all Democrats running for the top spot. But within this demographic, there was a 16-point swing to Trump, which is unprecedented and -again- suggests the real issues were economic ones. (And in particular, an entirely justified fear that, after a 30 year career of dismantling the working class, she will somehow turn around and restore it.)

    Geography: As we saw with Brexit, the benefits of centralisation flow to major cities while the negative impacts of that same centralising process flow to regional areas. This is a defining characteristic of the neoliberal project. It is literally how it works. How all empires work. Just look at an election map. Two blue coastal enclaves separated by a hollowed-out heartland. Breathlessly looking under beds in Brooklyn or West Hollywood for hate criminals is the very height of self-centricity when the majority of your fellow citizens have been economically harvested -with the fruits of this harvest being on clear display as you stroll down the street to purchase at turmeric latte.

    If the Clinton machine hadn’t torpedoed the one Democrat willing to have this discussion in the primaries then we would be having this discussion in a healthier arena where hard-won social justice and equality goals were not at risk. Because, one way or another, we are about to have this discussion. Your fellow citizens deserve coherence and dignity. Talk to them.”

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    • Death of the TPP is good news. The remainder seems on target. Thanks for posting this!


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