9 Reed / BEN – Walk Between Worlds: Day 9

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9 Reed/BEN

9 Reed/BEN

Greetings Kin,

8 Road/EB extended the Intention of the Creator that would define our Spiritual Destiny as a Quest to Heal the World. As we were Consecrated into Service, we experience the weight of our Responsibility. How would we save another, while the chaos of change clouds our own vision? Where could we draw the Resource of Love to accomplish such a task?

Tone 9 encourages us to look up. From a Holy Perspective we can see that we all share the same challenge. We share equally in the burden of facing our unknowns. Though we may sense our problems are greater, different, or more limiting than others in their challenge, it is only our feelings of Separation that are standing in the way of a Divine Perspective.

On Tone 9, we are drawn to a Higher Perspective. We are able to shift our…

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