Moon Phase First Quarter + 6 days Lunar Calendar

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Riding Moon Cycles

FQ+6. It is just one day before the Full Moon and six long days since First Quarter in the lunar cycle today. If your weather permits, be sure to look for the Moon almost full tonight!


FQ+6 Moon phase and Emotions

Do not be concerned about the “why” of it all, now, while we are in the window of the full moon.

Positive use of the current tension is to accept the parts that are WORKING.

If there are obstacles and difficulties, still be kind to yourself and look for a small piece of good news somewhere in your life.

FQ+6 Moon phase and Mind

Remember back a few weeks ago, the task was to search for the meaning about what you are doing – facing the fears, being honest with yourself, etc.

This is the other side of the coin. Act now with confidence and express who you are without…

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