Meditating with the Moon – Feb 9, 2017

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Astrology with Michelle Gregg


MEDITATING WITH THE MOON – Thursday, February 9, 2017

Rejoice when your emotional body flows naturally with your desires and your values, bringing fresh new ideas and energy into your consciousness and relationships. Open to unexpected conversations (internally and with others) around creativity and relating, and let your instincts inform your thinking. Enjoy a potentially emotionally sunny and playful day in preparation for tomorrow’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo.
I am confident in my ability to choose optimism and positivity. When I choose to be positive and energized the negatives of my life recede.
MOONRISE: 5:08 pm Eastern
MOONSET: 7:02 am Eastern on Feb. 10
MOON VOID until 4:41 am
MOON’S ASPECTS: opposition Mercury 10:25 am; trine Venus 12:20 am; trine Mars 9:05 pm; quincunx Neptune…

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February 9, 2017

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Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

The emotional energy shifts into something much warmer and more open early in the morning. If you feel a strong need for attention, try to surround yourself with those you love as well as open up your own loving energies. Where yesterday’s energy caused tension in the area of freedom, today will be a lot better. If you have any great ideas, make sure to jump on them. Today is also a great day for communication, especially if you need to balance in another person’s perspective with your own. Your masculine and feminine side will both be flowing well today, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of it and make some real progress in life.

  • Moon moves into Leo
  • Aquarius Sun sextile Aries Uranus
  • Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Mercury
  • Leo Moon trine Aries Venus
  • Leo Moon trine Aries Mars

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Leo Moon shines today 2-9-2017

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Libra Seeking Balance


The Leo Moon is all bright and shiny today, happily soaking up all the attention she can get and encouraging us to do the same. She exchanges witty remarks with Mercury in Aquarius first thing this morning before basking in the pleasure of a trine to beautiful Venus in Aries. The warmth of the fiery Moon-Venus trine will hold us over until a more passionate trine between the Leo Moon and Mars in Aries occurs this evening. No matter what we have on our plates today, we should feel more empowered and optimistic in general. The genial atmosphere today is good for working with the public or spending quality time with your lover or playing with children. It may be more challenging to stick to business when we’d rather be enjoying ourselves. 🌠☽♌🌠

The Aquarius Sun sextile Uranus in Aries brings perspective and a need to look forward rather than…

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Please share these daily horoscopes or give them a google plus 1

For some of you, you can think more outside the box, for others of you , you could do things in the name of shock value. With this energy expect the unexpect in your routine. This can be a fun energy for spontaneous luncheons or friends pop over to say “Hi” you. For others of you this can be some much needed good news.


With this energy you can be more focus on yourself , or your daily routine , or your home. For others of you, you can expect the unexpected today. For others of you, you can have the energy to get things done. For others of you change is happening today. Try to go more with the flow with this energy.


This can be a very…

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Moon Phase First Quarter + 6 days Lunar Calendar

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Riding Moon Cycles

FQ+6. It is just one day before the Full Moon and six long days since First Quarter in the lunar cycle today. If your weather permits, be sure to look for the Moon almost full tonight!


FQ+6 Moon phase and Emotions

Do not be concerned about the “why” of it all, now, while we are in the window of the full moon.

Positive use of the current tension is to accept the parts that are WORKING.

If there are obstacles and difficulties, still be kind to yourself and look for a small piece of good news somewhere in your life.

FQ+6 Moon phase and Mind

Remember back a few weeks ago, the task was to search for the meaning about what you are doing – facing the fears, being honest with yourself, etc.

This is the other side of the coin. Act now with confidence and express who you are without…

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Prepare for extreme astro-weather ahead

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

I am sure you have been feeling the INTENSE emotional energy from yesterday’s CANCER moon energy and the Cardinal squares. We are also feeling the upcoming Lunar eclipse and the even more important solar eclipse on Feb 26 at 8+ degrees PISCES.

Drawing down the moon, Goddesses, tara Greene

Drawing Down the Moon by *Shylydrya on deviantART

There is a lot of deep karmic shit being brought up right now. I know I am in the thick of it too. I may talk about this soon. We don’t want to wallow in the shit, especially if it coming at us from other people. We want to compost that shit and turn it into nice fresh humus so we can grow new vital things from it. 

MOON enters LEO on the 9th in the a.m.

We are in the frying pan now. Moon opposes a cool Aquarian Moon.

Moon opposes a cool Aquarian Mercury

Use your head to…

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Daily Upgrade- Thursday 9th February 2017

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Natalie Miles-The Psychic Upgrade



DAILY UPGRADE: Manifest Manifest Manifest! Today we’re making firm foundations for 2017. Think Big. Dream Big. Have a watch to find out more!


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Card of the Day – Temperance – Thursday, February 9, 2017

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Tarot by Cecelia

This is a gentle card, yet so powerful. Through patience and moderation, one can achieve a pleasant balance in life. It is more than difficult to remain balanced with the first in the Leo-Aquarius series of eclipses occuring tomorrow as a Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo. The word “distraction” keeps popping into my head; there is a great deal happening now, in so many aspects of life, and it may not be in your best interests to allow yourself to focus entirely in one direction.

Health, as well as imbalances created by various addictions, are no stranger to the energy attached to this card. Perhaps this is part of the message of the Leo eclipse, to bring to your attention an area where your focus is out-of-balance, and how continued extreme behavior can be your undoing. The obvious, such as drug addiction, alcoholism, overeating, gambling, phone addiction, just…

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Blessing Full Moon Eclipse II

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jbuss Astrology

Let’s start with a message from Nicole of Cauldrons and Cupcakes fame, a message which I couldn’t have said better myself, a message from…

Every morning when I wake up I sit in meditation.  

“I say prayers for my family and friends, I send healing to those who need it, I send energy and love to my students, and then to the world.  

“After which I always think about you, dear readers, and I ask ‘What do my readers most need to know today?’  This usually helps me to write a blog post, or to prepare an activity or meditation. 

“Today when I asked, I got a very clear message.  So clear that all I need do is record it here:

Everyone on earth should believe that they have something to give the world which cannot otherwise be given.

“I know that this…

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Blessing Full Moon Eclipse III

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jbuss Astrology

Now we get to the Juicy part, the Yin Gate.  The Full Moon bisects the long side of the Golden Rectangle, but the Yin Gate bisects the short side, giving us one of those Grand Crosses that we spoke of briefly earlier.  A Grand Cross works better than Garlic for repelling Vampires.  You’ve got four possibly-difficult planets in four Challenging Angles to one another, yet the result is that they Collaborate, because the Configuration fills the Circle and is In Balance.

Grand Crosses are either in Creative (Cardinal) or Stabilizing (Fixed) or Changeable (Mutable) Signs.  This one is in the Stabilizing Signs, which, since everything else is in high Flux, is very handy.  It should help Ground us.  In the Grand Cross we have…

  • The Moon in Leo, which will Support our Self-Loving Emotions, as long as we eschew Self-Criticism
  • The Sun in Aquarius, which will help us Build…

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