Finger of God Inside the Finger of Merlin-Feb 5-9

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Sunday through Thursday we have magical bookends that create a rolling Finger of Merlin into a very Soulful point around our service, health, work, duty, fitness, etc. But Tuesday night and Thursday morning bring a rolling Finger of God pointing into the same Soulful point right inside the Finger of Merlin.

Fingers of Merlin are created by 2 Biquintile aspects that point into the same Planet or Point. Fingers of God are created by 2 3D aspects called by a Quincunx that require an adjustment be made. Three of our Personal Planets, Mars, Venus and Mercury, form these Fingers to the Nodes of Fate. Mercury formed a Biquintile on Sun and will form a Quincunx on Thursday morning.

These 2 Finger aspects this week point into the North Node in Virgo and boomerang the energy back into the South Node in Pisces, Conjunct Neptune. With the adjustment aspects (Quincunx)…

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