How to use Jupiter Retrograde to Rejuvenate your life

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Jupiter will turn his big back on us as he turns RETROGRADE, as he does every year, on Feb 5th/6th @ 23+ degrees LIBRA and the BIG PLANET will Retrograde back to 13 degrees 13 minutes until June 8/9th. RETROGRADE planetary times get a bad rap but they are very important and ought to be used very positively.

This means its REJUVENATION time!

As Jupiter is the planet of optimism, faith, trust, foreigners, freedom, risk taking, gambling, religion, truth, higher education, honesty, justice, politics, the military and travel as ruler of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES all of these things will now go SOUTH. Restrictions on these things is already being set up and will be reviewed. This is not a time to move forwards. Do not gamble. 

 Over the next four months things contract. All of the forward progress made will be poured over, investigated, re-examined, sent back to the courts, as…

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