North Node in a Finger of Merlin-Feb5&9

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Before noon on Sunday, we could have some soulfully, magical ideas. On Thursday afternoon our actions will be soulfully magical.

From Sunday to Thursday, the North Node in Virgo will be the ‘finger’ of a rolling Finger of Merlin with 2 Personal Planets: Mercury and Mars. It is a great time to see what the North Node’s Transit through Virgo has been teaching us. With Mercury and Mars making double-magic aspects (Biquintiles) to the North Node, we are going to see some Soul Awareness around the way we externalize (Virgo) our subconscious minds (Pisces, the Opposite Sign that forms an ‘axis’ of energy with Virgo. Virgo is ‘seen’ energies and Pisces is hidden. But the Biquintiles will bring in different expressions from Capricorn (where Mercury is Transiting) and Aries (where Mars is Transiting).

Through our actions (Mars/Aries) and our plans (Mercury) to initiate structures (Capricorn) we can see something…

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