Taurus Moon is downright staid today 2-3-2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

Taurus by Pat Brennen 525

After the wild and crazy energy midweek, today’s Taurus Moon will feel downright staid. She does love her comfortable routines and with a midday sextile to sleepy Neptune in Pisces, it may be tough to get much accomplished the latter half of the day. Late this evening, the Taurus Moon will square the Aquarius Sun marking the second quarter of the Moon. Taurus and Aquarius usually end up at odds because Taurus prefers to keep things the same and Aquarius lives to stir the pot. This may make for some interesting discussions for those out on the town. 🙂 🌠☽♉🌠

Today’s big change is Venus leaving Pisces for aggressive fiery Aries. We go from a sign Venus is exalted in to one where she is in her detriment. Venus far prefers to sit back and be pampered rather than pursuing whoever catches her eye. We went from a period where both…

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