3rd New Moon of Winter – Elder Mountain Dreaming

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Paths I Walk

Lunar Monthly Musings by Phoenix the Elder– Greetings artists, people of dreams and visions, healers, seers and empaths… we have completed our second moon cycle of Capricorn now, which lasted till the very last moment! It hung onto its cycle with a fever – but on Jan 25th the energy shifted mid-afternoon and the water spilled releasing the Cancer’s full moons hold. Now we enter the final moon cycle of Winter and the electricity charge is much different and its goal is freedom, not responsibility. Aquarian and Sagittarius energy are the most rebellious of earth, even Trump, who is a Gemini with Uranus conjunct his Sun, will show the world how Uranian energy works for everyone to see.

I posted the first photo above to show you two main symbols of Uranus (Aquarian energy). The photo on the left is an expression of the 0-15 degrees Aquarius and the…

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Year Of The Red Fire Rooster

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Saturday January 28 is Chinese New Year. It is time to say farewell to the Year of the Monkey and hello to the Year of the Rooster! What better way to celebrate than with a poached then roasted chicken.

Twice Cooked Chicken


Special Note:
You will have to start the recipe the day before you want to serve it, as the poached chicken needs to rest overnight.

for poaching the chicken
1.5kg whole chicken (approximately)
2 spring onions, roughly chopped
5 garlic cloves, bruised with the back of a knife then peeled
6cm piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced
3 star anise
3 whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1/2 cup Chinese rice wine
1/2 cup dark soy sauce
12 cups (3 litres) water, more may be needed

for the marinade
2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon dark soy sauce
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon…

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Lifelight Astrology 26 January 2017

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Michelle McClunan



On the 28th January, we have a new moon in freedom-loving Aquarius, which  officially ushers in the year of the Fire Rooster. If you’ve been feeling tired and jaded and  that you’re still in transition between 2015 and 2016, this might explain why.

New moons always indicate the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one, a time to reassess, let go and welcome in the new.

This new moon lies at the midpoint between Venus and Saturn, who are in an exact square to each other right now. This can bring to the fore  issues, concerns and fears around money, security and/or relationships. There may be a feeling of needing more than you have, or feeling burdened, tired or stuck in any of these areas.

Let’s investigate this a little further.


Saturn is often viewed as a stern, finger-wagging…

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New Moon in Aquarius; Jan. 27th, 2017 ❂♒

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A New Moon occurs on January 27th, 2017 in the futuristic Air sign of Aquarius at 7:07 PM EST, marking the beginning of a fresh new cycle and a New Chinese Lunar Year!

A New Moon inAquarius is considered to be a doorway to finer cosmic vibes and this is a time for a breakthrough into the strange, but exhilarating unknown. This lunation demands creative freedom and promotes a strong need to express our individuality.

Image result for chinese new year png

“2016’s Fire Monkey was true to form with all his sneaky unpredictability and chaotic ways. Friday, the calendar turns over as we welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster—a flamboyant energy that is also a helluva lot more predictable. Given the patriarchal uprising that is afoot, some might not love hearing news that the Cock will reign supreme in 2017; however, although the Rooster might strut his stuff, he’s pretty darn protective of the…

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Moon conjunct Pluto: Intimidation or transformation?

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moon-conjunct-pluto-and-onMoon so close to Pluto can be tough for anyone, even more so with the squares to Jupiter and Uranus, and the two opposite each other in Cardinal signs.

Although Moon moves so quickly, its effects are only fleeting – the other planets in this stay in orbit much longer, making this a long lasting thing. Because the Moon and Mercury energize it now, it comes up with force.

For most, these are not easy aspects, showing there’s emotional friction and even coercion with pull from many directions to make the tensions even stronger. If you have planets near the degrees 17 to 22 Cardinal, which to remind you are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, you’ll feel this. The mental pressure since Mercury is also in the picture by wide conjunction doesn’t help. In what area of life is shown by the houses in your personal chart – if you…

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Aquarius New Moon

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Alice Sparkly Kat

The Aquarius New Moon for this year is tomorrow night (January 27th, 2017). This is am important New Moon, coinciding the the Lunar New Year. For this New Moon, we’ll feel the need to consider ourselves in a truly individual ways, not just as a means to rebel but to as a way to move forward. In fact, we may find that our patterns of rebellion have been self limiting.

Aquarius is about the future and what you see yourself doing in the future, not for ruminating on the past. It’s about creating dreams and a life purpose for yourself that does not have anything to do with your family, your partnerships, or even your friends but with your personal relationship to humanity at large.

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2017 New Moon Energies—Grounding

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one eternal flame

We are currently coming into the first New Moon of 2017 on January 27, and with it, intensely felt energies. For Twin Souls this is especially true. 2016 was a number 9 year—a year of endings, and 2017 is a number 1 year—new beginnings. A new cycle is beginning with this New moon. Keep in mind that even when we strive for positive change, it can be overwhelming when that change actually starts happening in our reality. Transitions take a strong will, and an even stronger blind faith. You can do it.
With the new energies coming in, we are likely to feel high one minute and low the next. This is normal. Know that these influxes are happening for the highest good of all. We are on a major transition now with Mother Earth. It is impossible for her to heal and change for the better and her people…

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Astrology : Daily Panchang – January 27th, 2017

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Anoop Astrology Sutra

Daily Panchang – January 27th, 2017

Magh Month of hindu calendar, 15th day – Amavasya (Muni Amavasya), Krishna Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Uttarashadha Nakshtra and will be till 21:48 Hrs (IST), Moon will be in Shravan Nakshtra at 21:48 Hrs

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New Moon & New Motivations-Jan27

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Around noon on Friday our subconscious desires will be stressed by the need for truth or accountability. Around dinnertime (EST) our feelings will be in sync with our goals and our passions will magically allow us to merge with another. By 12:45am on Saturday you may be up for anything but sleep 😉

At 12:50pm Venus at 24:13 Pisces Squares Saturn at 24:13 Sagittarius.

This aspect brings in both Karmic Planet energies (Saturn and Neptune, which rules Pisces) and the 2 Healing Planets (Venus and Jupiter which rules Sagittarius). That is something to be grateful for as Saturn restricting Venus’ desires never goes down very well. But we have some added assistance so it may be as simple as telling the truth, facing the truth or resolving the Karma. We are still working on birthing our new desires so this aspect may serve to keep us on track with…

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Moon in Aquarius in the 11th house with this energy you benefit through others. You might learn more from a friend with this energy. Or they can help you learn more about your career, or teach you something new. Or you could learn something new through the internet. For others of you could be starting on new projects with this energy. For some of you , a time of new beginnings in certain areas of your life


Watch your spending you can be overindulgent and more about your social life with this energy. For some of you things that you want to do or changes that you want to make are up in the air. For some of…

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Through the Eyes of Tarot – Mars enters Aries – January 28, 2017

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Tarot by Cecelia

img_0194As Mars enters home sign of Aries, it does so with no retrograde planets, no Mercury shadow, and two days without Venus shadow. Just on the heels of the annual New Moon in Aquarius, it is time to cue a little ‘Steppenwolf’ and get out on the highway. Yes, the pace finally picks up big time and you may be feeling your oats. There is a tremendous renewal to your sense of purpose and you are standing strong in the new beginnings you hope to achieve, with no desire to lose any ground recently gained. Finally feeling more optimistic, you are ready to launch an assault on life and its purpose and it is all systems go.

You may find yourself being a worry wart, making certain that whatever you have undertaken is done precisely to the letter. This is a wonderful thing; your creative fires are burning overtime, and…

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Attaining enlightenment, Mars at last degree of the Zodiac

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

The warrior has reached the end of his journey. His weapons fallen, his armor broken, useless to protect him anymore. His trophies and medals tarnished and inconsequential. All of his worldly belongings destroyed and worth nothing. All of his former loved ones abandoned him. His children and grandchildren want nothing to do with him, they have all renounced him. All his great, grand ideas of conquering, of controlling, oh having, of living, of dominating, of plundering, of avoiding death, old age and taxes, of being the King are seen for what they are. Illusions and delusions. The warrior realizes he is alone and frightened. He realizes that everything which he fought so hard for is absolutely meaningless and wrong. 

The warrior realizes he is alone, weak and he is frightened.  He realizes that he is a failure, not a hero at all. He has failed to love others, he has…

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The Moon and Astrology: How it affects our daily life…Transiting Moon in Aquarius.. January 2017

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Serenity's Gift Cove (sgc)


Present Moon Sign/Phase/House:

Zodiac signs - Aquarius Stock Vector - 40977554 http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : Natalia Hubbert

  • Date: January 27 2017 around 7:00 pm (ET)NEW MOON
  • Moon Sign: Aquarius 
  • Moon Phase: 4th moves into 1st January 28
  • Void-of-Course: January 28 late pm (PT) January 29 very early am (ET)  Aquarius Moon v/c is not one of the 4 “good signs” Try not to make any important decisions or commitments now. 
  • House(s): 4th & 5th: 4th house of domestic and family affairs: The 5th house relates to creativity/entertainment, pets and children:
  • Opportunity Period: January 27 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm (ET) Short, but a great time to begin something important.

What does it all mean?

  • Aquarius is “different”,  he is ahead of his time and capable of thinking and “seeing” things in a different way then the rest of us. 
  • Aquarius is ruled by Uranus,  the planet of  shock and chaos.
  • We may feel may inclined towards kindness, especially…

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Chinese New Year of the Yin Fire Rooster – The Phoenix Bird: Jan 28, 2017 – Feb 15, 2018

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Melanie's Astro~News


The Upcoming New Moon on Friday Jan 27 at 4:07 pm PST at 8º15’ AQ initiates the Chinese New Year of the Yin Fire Rooster which starts on the following day, Jan 28.

In BC, with strong Chinese communities, we have quite an awareness of Chinese Astrology and year cycles.
Did you know? Victoria has the oldest Chinatown in Canada! The BIG parade however will be in Vancouver on Jan 28 – no wonder, given the large Chinese population.

Here in Victoria where the Chinese population is about 30 000, the Chinese New Year will be celebrated again in Chinatown on Sunday, Jan 29 – always on the Sunday after the CNY – with traditional Lion’s Dance and fun performances.

Introduction to the Chinese Animal and Element Cycles

The Chinese calendar is Lunar based (as in Islamic, Mayan, Native American cultures), and therefore the New Year varies every year. It…

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Happy Australia Day!

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Melanie's Astro~News

AQUARIUS rules the abstract mind, science, organizations, constellations, incl. star constellations, hence also Astrology, AND Australia!


Happy Australia Day, in the heat of Summer, on Jan 26!

Well, Down Under it’s already the day after – hope y’all had a good one!
Australia Day is the official National Day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January. It marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at that site by Governor Arthur Phillip.
The chart for that day shows Australia has a lot of AQ energy: SUN, PLUTO, VENUS, and SATURN.
More Capricornian colonial history…
Even if we don’t like the imperialistic shadow of CAP (does it surprise you that Great Britain is a CAP country…?)…

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Kundalini New Moon

January 26, 2017 at 5:37 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Kundalini New Moon

jbuss Astrology

We need to start here…


The 27 January New Moon (4pm PST) Conjoins the asteroid Lachesis, named for the Bushmaster – largest, most dangerous, and most primitive of the Snakes.  Here’s some notes on the homeopathic remedy Lachesis, by veteran homeopath David Lilley at http://www.britishhomeopathic.org/bha-charity/how-we-can-help/medicine-a-z/lachesis/

“Lachesis may be viewed with the eye of a shaman to better penetrate the snake’s hidden genius.  She provides the matriarchal image of all snakes, for not only is she the largest representative of the most evolved snake family, she is also the only pit-viper that… [produces] eggs, all others… [give] birth to live young.  Hence she is the forerunner, the source and essence of all things serpentine and venomous, and the jungle is her shrine.

“This is significant.  She comes from the bosom of Gaia (Mother Earth), from the reproductive centre of the planet, its metabolic heart, the equatorial rainforests of the Amazon basin.  Here speciation is…

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6 Earth / CABAN – Destiny of Human: Day 6

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Jaguar Spirit


6 Earth / CABAN 6 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

Earth/CABAN calls us back to the womb of our common Mother where we are One in the creation of Time… the sum of our Future and our Past. Movement is the keyword for Earth/CABAN, and Tone 6 is all about establishing a Pattern of Movement.

Today is an important day for investing our Highest Effort. Tone 6 is compared to the last step of a climb to the top of a pyramid. The last steps of any journey can sometimes seem the hardest. This is the energy of the “second wind” that carries us through.

Peak Energies will support our own Peak Performance. The Aztec Day Sign Ollin (Ah-lin), simply known as Movement, means to “Move and Act Now with ALL your Heart.”

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More aggressive Capricorn Moon today 1-26-2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

Capricorn's wild side - The Green Man

The first half of the day the Capricorn Moon is in a confrontational mood. She conjoins Pluto long before daybreak and squares Uranus in Aries during the morning with a midday square to Jupiter in Libra. The chief bone of contention will probably revolve around the need to go it alone when playing well with others would be more productive. Remember Capricorn is a practical sign and as long as the work is getting done well in a timely manner won’t fuss too much about particulars. However, if endless bickering interferes with productivity, heads will roll. The energy generated by hard aspects is powerful and can inspire us to work hard towards meeting our goals. 🌠☾♑🌠

By mid-afternoon, the Capricorn Moon will be sextile sympathetic Venus in Pisces and that suggests the possibility we may be able to resolve our differences in an amicable manner. The evening looks peaceful, perfect for…

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