Wounded Healer – Jan 25

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: On Wednesday a woman could heal you or hurt you. You can choose the healing.

At 1:49am Venus at 22:00 Pisces Conjunct Chiron at 22:00 Pisces.

Transiting Chiron is a bit different feeling than our Natal Chiron. It tends to be less painful when aspected than our Natal Chiron. BUT, that may not always be the case because we are USED to our Natal Chiron and many of us have moved out of 3D responses where Chiron isn’t as painful. In 3D, we need Chiron’s pain to cause us to want to return to Soul Awareness. OR we ‘exit stage left’ via suicide in order to escape the immense pain. See 5th Dimension, Soul Awareness, Explained.

If you make it to your Chiron Return, roughly 50 Solar Cycles (or years in 3D), then you will have experienced a bit of ALL of the Chiron woundings.

Right now, Chiron…

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