Women’s March, Lilith, Scorpio Moon,Kali, Amazons Astrology

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Perhaps a quarter of a million women or more will be converging on Washington D.C. Jan. 21 to protest Trump’s sexist, anti femininst presidency. There will be marches all over the U.S. and in over 300 cities. 

Lilith, Tara Greene, AstrologerKali Astrology mythology Tara Greene


                                                                                  KALI, Goddess of destruction

LILITH, the original woman before Eve


Trump has been quoted  for what he calls “locker room talk” as if that’s an excuse, to “grab them by the pussy.” Calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman”  has become an ironic badge of pride for women who are against Trump. He has also been quoted saying weird incestuous shit about his own daughter, “I’d date her if she weren’t my…

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