The transiting sun moves into Aquarius January 19 2017

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  • Fixed:
  • Masculine:
  • Air:
  • Ruling Planet Uranus (Change/Chaos)
  • The Water Bearer 

Aquarius - Space Scene with Astrological Sign and copy space Stock Photo - 8833276 Andrew Brown


Oh where would the world be without the wonderful Aquarian? With their inventive minds and capacity for personal freedom and change, they assist with the evolution of the human species. 

You guys and gals catch on very quickly to the things you need to know, and while you can be a bit unconventional, unpredictable and some may say unreliable, it’s a different story when you get passionate about something or decide to sink your teeth into a project. Watch out peeps, cos you won’t be able to change his/her mind and she/he will plow on ahead with focus and determination until the task is done or something else tickles the fancy…. ☺

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus… this is also the planet o f shock, chaos, rebellion and…

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