Wednesday 18/1/17

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Journey by the sea

Wednesday 18th, January 2017.

The Moon is in harmonious Libra.

Mars squares with Saturn.

The Moon is in harmonious Libra all day. We will want to find balance and harmony in our relationships. Early in the day, we see Mars form a quincunx with Jupiter. This aspect is all about demanding, adjustments, and expectations  in our approach to pursuing our desires and dreams.

Mars squares with Saturn this week, which can leave us with an explicitly challenging aspect when it comes to the way we approach our day. The actions we take, along with how we assert our self-will be impacted today . We may feel stuck or blocked in what would normally seem effortlessly for us,  especially in regards to our dreams. Our desires and hopes may present as being more complicated with this aspect in play. Certain challenges will arise today and we can find our self not responding to…

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