Reflections on Mercury Retrograde

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In about a day, Mercury will turn direct in the 28th degree of Sagittarius ending the late Mercury retrograde of 2016 and first of 2017. The 2016-2017 Mercury retrograde cycle is peculiar because normally Mercury Retrograde happens thrice a year; but in this cycle, it occurs four times a year. Mercury retrograded in 15 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto and re-entered Sagittarius. This retrograde is eventful as there’s a change in signs so there is a lot of issues that needs to re-addressed.

Mercury stationed retrograde in Capricorn last December 19 and it conjunct Pluto. Mercury-Pluto conjunctions signify intensity of communication and capacity to delve deeper into the heart of the matter often exposing things long buried. On a personal level, the period is good for digging what motivates us, knowing the motives of others, and reflect on how we deal with the crisis. Pluto the Planet of the Underworld exposes…

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