’Promethean’ Mercury Turns Direct

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Promethean Mercury

Mercury will station ’direct’ on January 8th, 2017 at 09:42:40 UT (04:42:40 EST) staying at 28SAG51 within the tropical framework and 03SAG52 within the sidereal one (ayanamsha: Fagan–Bradley).

Mercury’s orbit is very eccentric, thus its orbital speed around the Sun may vary considerably ranging from a standstill at its stations to over 2 ¼ degrees at its ’superior’ conjunction. Mercury’s cycle around the Sun takes 88 days, but its synodic cycle with the Sun averages 116 days. (Due to its elliptical nature this may take anywhere between 105 and 130 days.)

The cycle begins at the ’inferior’ conjunction which is the midpoint of Mercury’s retrogradation cycle when the Sun and Mercury rise together. But, as we experience, the Sun now begins to move forward, distancing itself from Mercury which is retrograding. Now, Mercury rise before the Sun, i.e. it is a ’morning star’.  About 10-12 days later, Mercury goes direct…

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