13 Flint / ETZNAB – Ascension

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Jaguar Spirit


13 Flint / ETZNAB 13 Flint / ETZNAB

Greetings Kin,

Today we Ascend from our Journey of Change. On Tone 13, we stand at the peak of a New Horizon where we realize a new Transformation. Flint/ETZNAB will present us with a Crystal Clear Vision of an important change in our life.

The CIMI trecena guided us to approach change by letting go of our attachment to “how things should be.” We can also apply our Intellect and Intuition to discern where our patterns of movement could lead us.

Flint is said to be the knife that cuts to the bone. Also known as the Mirror, ETBZNAB is also described as the perfect reflection of an Obsidian Mirror. A point will be made that leaves no doubt about something we are directed to change. We will know what it is when it is presented to us. We only have to…

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12 Earth / CABAN – Journey of Change

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Jaguar Spirit


12 Earth / CABAN 12 Earth / CABAN

Greetings Kin,

12 is the Tone of Understanding. This is day when disassociated parts come together and a new Truth sinks in. Tone 12 holds the energy for reflection that allows for a new Realization.

Earth/CABAN is the Day Sign of Movement that draws our awareness to our Oneness with a body in motion. The Cherokee associate this energy with the Heron, a creature that lives a life of perpetual movement and migration. Heron is also compared to the phoenix that rises from the ashes of its former self. The Aztec Day Sign, Ollin, is defined simply as Movement, the fundamental evidence of “life energy.”

GREEN DAY: Element of Ether
12 Earth/CABAN, Kin 77, is a Portal Day that magnifies our experience through a thinning of the veil. Portal Days activate our gifts of Intuition and Knowing. Corresponding with Tone 12’s…

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