January, Week 2 Start

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Our next adventures are the 2am PST 8 January Station of Mercury (Communication) and the 9 January Stations of Eris (Truth-Speaking) at 9am PST and asteroid Karma (Entrenched Habits and Trances) an hour later.  Mercury and Eris are turning Direct, Karma turning Retrograde.  

For extra flavor add in the Initiation of a new 64-month Cycle between Pallas (Boundaries) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) in 4 Pisces (Heavy Traffic on a Narrow Road) five hours prior to the Mercury Station.

The Heart’s Truth

Simultaneous Stations (when a planet’s Impact is at its Strongest) of Mercury and Eris are Trouble.  In a Polarized World when everyone is compelled to Speak their Truth loudly and energetically, we can probably expect an uptick in Violence.  Your Heart’s Truth is inviolable, but so is everyone else’s.  

Your Heart’s Truth is not something…

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