Season turning points,critical times

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December 20 the Sun is on the last “critical degree” of Sagittarius. In Astrology it is not the 3rd degree but the 29th, actually 30th,  anaretic degree of any sign which is considered to be the most powerful.

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We are summing up this last seasonal quarter. Its good to look back to assess what has happened, to take some time to integrate, take a breath and pause before stepping into the Winter/Summer Solstice depending on whether you live North or South of the Equator. It’s a very powerful turning point in the year. It has been a long autumn fraught with much emotion divisiveness and stress because of the U.S. election. Now that it seems final that Trump will be the next president of the U.S. we can stop and figure out the next plan.

The Moon is in Virgo today making us feel practical grounded, nit-picky and…

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