Friday 16/12/2016

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Journey by the sea

Friday 16th December,  2016.

The Moon moves in to Leo.

The Moon in Leo quincunx  Neptune in Pisces.

Today we get an energy mini break, as there is no major planetary aspects happening. That means today is a great day to recharge and teak a break. Today should unfold with simple pleasures and ease.

The Moon moves from sensitive, watery, Cancer to playful Leo. When the Moon is in Leo we are passionate, creative and fiery.  Today is a great day to reach out to some of your most loyal buddies, to cultivate and relax into the warmth of Leo. Today will be a good time to be playful, celebratory, and entertaining activities are high on our priority list.

The Moon in Leo quincunx  Neptune in Pisces. The energy around this aspect is really about the imagination and dreaming. So today there will be loads of optimism floating around in the…

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