December 13, 2016 at 3:40 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on GEMINI FULL MOON // DECEMBER 13th


FULL MOON in Gemini ~ Our last Super Moon of the year,& an end of a 9 year cycle. Into the MYSTIC sea, as we dive into a new realm. This Gemini full moon helps us activate what astrologers call a ‘mystic rectangle’. From an intuitive standpoint, this mystic rectangle is going be opening up a portal into a NEW realm. This realm will be accessible to those who welcome in the energy & pay attention to any radical movements or energy shifts.

In addition to the mystic rectangle, every planet in our solar system is now in alignment, meaning every zodiac sign has the power to harness this Super Moons COSMIC energy shift.There is a lot of energy that we are all still processing from the year, issues that might still be coming up from our last full moon, it is our action to transcend them now.With the Sun in…

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