Full Moon in Gemini -Talking and Listening

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December 13, 2016 we will have a full moon in Gemini.  This will take place while the sun is still in Sagittarius.  Gemini is the sign of the twins – two faces, two sides. It is  an air sign ruled by Mercury – the chatty fast moving planet.  Gemini is all about communication, both talking and listening, and determining where you stand with the information you receive.   Geminis are intellectual signs, good with their mind. And, as you might expect, good with communication. Use this moon to focus on the impact of your words. Release and let go of old ways of communicating with others.  And also with the dialogue you use with yourself.

There are also a lot of other aspects and transits affecting this moon. There is a trine to Mars (which is in Aquarius), and a sextile to Uranus (in Aries) and a trine to Jupiter…

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Expanding with December’s Full Moon and Reclaiming Our Natural State of Grace

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Openhearted Rebellion

qtq80-j8yxli-1920x500By Shannon Hugman, The Master Shift

On December 13th and 14th (depending where you are in the world) there will be a full moon rising in the sky.

Full Moons are times when the hidden comes to light; when things below the surface bubble up to be seen. This often occurs through triggers, intense emotions and relationships.

However this is not a time to get tied up in our personal struggles and dramas. What will serve us right now is to rise above conflict and observe what is occurring.

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12 Monkey / CHUEN – A Walk in the Light

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Jaguar Spirit


12 Monkey / CHUEN 12 Monkey / CHUEN

Greetings Kin,

Today, Tone 12 brings a Sacred Intention into the Moment through the gift of a New Understanding. Monkey/CHUEN is an artist of who revels in weaving Time into a Tapestry of Our Lives. A thing of Beauty is created by placing all the Colors of our Life in Contrast.

Monkey’s ability to Play with Time is illustrated by the glyph that shows a scroll on the head of the Monkey as “Time Rolled Up.” The gift we share with Monkey is our ability to Travel through Time. Human is the only Living Creature capable to see into the Past and the Future.

Tone 12 leads us to a Realization by piecing together the experiences of this trecena to arrive at a deeper meaning. Monkey uses the Magical Gift of Imagination to Unravel Time and bring the Beauty of our Dream…

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It’s a distracted Taurus Moon today 12-11-2016

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Libra Seeking Balance


The day starts off on a productive note for the Taurus Moon as she enjoys a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. However by midday she has to put up with distractions from Jupiter in Libra and then the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius. What sounds like fun to those boisterous planets may cause the home loving Taurus Moon to mumble under her breath. One thing the Venus ruled Taurus Moon does respond to  Libra style tact and diplomacy. If we go that route, it’s possible happy compromises can be reached and everyone can enjoy their Sunday. By the way, when the Taurus Moon squares Mars in Aquarius this evening, coming to an agreement looks far less likely. Whether we choose to get involved in an acrimonious discussion may depend on our personal tolerance for contention. 🌠☽♉🌠

Tonight the Sagittarius Sun will be trine Uranus in Aries generating excitement and inspiration. Some people…

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13.12 Full Moon IV

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jbuss Astrology


“Surely the paradox of all paradoxes.  The enlightened Being that I, and others like me, had struggled to reach was never above or beyond, or in some distant future, but the greater Truth of who we are, right here and now.”  –Michael Roads, Journey into Oneness: Into a Timeless Realm, p.13.

Before we move on to the rest of December (which is also busy – can we Expect otherwise?), let’s spend a few minutes on the several “niggling little irritants” in the Full Moon chart.

[1] A while back we mentioned that the Hylonome-Makemake Cycle, which is about how Manifestation is blocked by Archetypes that we’ve Merged with.  We keep Manifesting the Archetype instead of What we Want, until we do it enough times to figure it out, if we ever do figure it out (hint: it’d not about Judgment).  Here’s what we said then (https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2016/12/01/1-december/

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12/11 Horoscope

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Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Expect some mental energy over night. Your thoughts will be focused on earthly affairs, so don’t be afraid to form some plans for grounding yourself into the world. When you wake up, you’ll meet some good energy for letting go. If there is anything holding you back from what you want to build, now’s a good time to put some focus on taking care of clearing your path. Later tonight, independence may not be all that helpful. It’s okay to need a partner’s support right now.

Transits of the day:

  • Moon trine Mercury, 12:19 am
  • Moon trine Pluto, 9:54 am
  • Moon square Mars, 11:04 pm


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TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “Intuitive Astrology: December Full Moon 2016”

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2016-12 W51: Forecasts for Week 51 of 2016

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Weekly Forecasts

2016-12 W51: Forecasts for Week 51 of 2016

WEEK 51 (W51) / (EUROPEAN WEEK 50 / W50)


Close to two months have passed since we were knocked down by computer and internet problems and just decided to take some time off.  In the next few weeks we plan to resurrect this blog and its forecasts.  This is a week that tends to especially affect Martians (athletes, police, and soldiers); they tend to benefit though not always.

Sunday: hard work or the easy way out.  Each has the advantages, and you will be compensated accordingly.  Monday is an odd day with an odd feeling; wrap up issues involving healthcare, education, or both and move forward.  Tuesday has a Full Moon, written about much elsewhere.  This one comes less than a week before Mercury Retrograde station, so expect more weirdness than most FMs.  Tuesday and Wednesday are turning points for some people.

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