Astrology : Daily Panchang – December 3rd, 2016

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Anoop Astrology Sutra

Daily Panchang – December 3rd, 2016

Margshish Month of hindu calendar, 4th day – Chaturthi, Shukla Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Purvashadha Nakshtra and will be till 07:17 Hrs (IST), Moon will be in Uttarashadha at 07:17 Hrs (IST). Vriddhi Yog,

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Use discernment with astrology websites

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Kannon McAfee Natural Healing / Soul Stars Astrology

I have a couple guidelines for how to tell if any such sites are worth your time:

1. Does the person acknowledge and remind you of your free will as the deciding factor in reference to astrology and to the outcomes in your life?

2. Does the information jump to rather broad or blanket conclusions using one or two pieces of astrological information?

Free Will

This is not relegated to an unspoken position in Incarn astrology. Incarn astrology is based largely on information from the Edgar Cayce readings on the inter-dimensional nature of astrology.

On 24 November 1923 a metaphysically minded group met at the Phillips Hotel in Datyon, OH and asked Edgar Cayce the following question:

Please give a definition of the word astrology.

Cayce’s response in trance:

That position in space about our own earth that is under the control of the forces that are within the sphere…

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* MERCURY over the ‘Integrity Point’ into CAP (Dec 2), and Mercury retro (Dec 19 – Jan 8) fore-shadowing :: Behind the Message there is a Human.

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Melanie's Astro~News

Ahhh, why does nobody ‘like’ MERCURY retro?

It seems to mess with our plans, our mind, and with communications. 

Monkeys (Gibbons) at Play 1427 painting by Xuande Emperor“Gibbons at Play” – 1427 Painting by Xuande Emperor(?!)


YES, MERCURY will inevitably go retro again (again??? 3 times a year for 3 weeks, plus pre- and post- retro shadow and storm, all in all almost 2 months each phase).

Rather than seeing M-r as an annoyance there’s a deeper purpose, and there are better ways of grooving with the ‘backwards flying messenger’.

Each M-r phase ‘lassoes’ MERCURY the Archetype for the Mind that gets ‘ahead of the game’ and has traveled ahead of the SUN back in, so that Spirit and Consciousness (the SUN) rule, and Mind follows as its function and ‘servant’. Always lots to learn and adjust each time, since the ‘monkey mind’ / ego mind really IS the make-believe trickster.


So here’s a brief…

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Void Moon with planetary action to process

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Initiate a Random Act of Kindness-Dec 2-5

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Noon on Friday brings an irritation around our subconscious desires. Saturday morning we have productive motivations for expansive awareness.

At 12:13pm on Friday Venus at 24:17 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 9:17 Pisces.

Venus and Neptune in 3D aspects can create subconscious, or uneasy, desires around attractions. This is a minor one, but if you feel a bit of ‘stay away’ energy occurring, remember that is 3D separation consciousness and shake it off. Venus in Capricorn is still a material girl, typically. The way a woman uses her power could irritate today. Or you could easily have some fear of ‘lack’ creep in or a worry of others finding out your not as ‘solvent’ as you have led them to believe. These are all 3D variations of these Planetary energies. You can feel them and let the energy roll right off of you… or laugh at yourself when you recognize…

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Mercury in Capricorn

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Rubys Readings

Rubys Astro Readings
Friday, Nov 2nd
“Taking Care of Business”
Mercury the planet that rules our lower mind, the way we think and process our thoughts is shifting into very slow-moving, methodical Capricorn today, so you might notice your thinking is more slowed down and you can feel like planning everything out. It will remain in Capricorn longer than usual due to its upcoming Retrograde cycle, so we might wanna get used to this energy for the next three weeks because in mid-January will have to deal with it again for nearly a month all the way through mid-February.
Yes, Mercury is preparing now to slow down as it goes into the shadow of its Retrograde cycle starting Dec 19th and then goes into its actual Retrograde cycle around Jan 4th. … But you might notice the slowdown happening already with lots of folks complaining about electronic and communication snafus!

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Capricorn Moon has more “push” today 12-02-2016

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Libra Seeking Balance

Nothing like a good challenge to invigorate a cardinal sign and today the Capricorn Moon has three aspects to get the blood moving. First thing in the morning she conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, followed a couple of hours later by a square to Jupiter in Libra. These two aspects breathe new life into issues that came to light last week. The trick is to use Libra inspired compromise to come up with better answers. Late afternoon/early evening the Moon squares Uranus in Aries which may make for some interesting conversations over dinner or out on a date. Please be respectful of others people even if you don’t agree with their opinions . . . punching someone out is not the way to make friends after all. Find something to do today that requires intense concentration and some heavy lifting to take advantage of the dynamic cardinal energy. 🌠☽♑🌠

Big news…

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3 Wind / IK – A Walk in the Light

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Jaguar Spirit


3 Wind/IK 3 Wind/IK

Greetings Kin,

Tone 3 brings the energy of movement for the first steps on our path from Point A to Point B. We shift from an inner reflection to an outer expression of our Intention. As we apply movement and breath we give birth to a Dream that takes on a vibration all its own.

Dreams stay dreams until they are brought to the world through the action of communication or movement. Just as the world was created by the spoken word, Wind/IK reminds us of our “power to call into being.”

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The Yin Gate and PIAVAs

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jbuss Astrology

Except for posts where I forgot to add the Category, everything we’ve written about the Yin Gate can be found at

The best summary among those articles is probably…

and the geometry of the Yin Gate Configuration is illustrated at…

The Yin Gate is a special case of the Golden Rectangle, which is the blue rectangle in the picture.  Blue lines represent Energies of Grace or Ease.  This particular blue rectangle is called “Golden” because the ratio of the length of the long lines to the length of the short lines is the “Golden Ratio” (~1.618 to 1.000).  That ratio is called “Golden” because it is found everywhere in Nature – among tree branches, among leaves, among veins in leaves, among bones and vessels and nerves in Critters, in Crystals, in molecular structure, etc.,  etc.

We might also encounter it as the “Golden Angle” (360 Degrees divided by 1.618 or…

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12/2 Horoscope

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Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

Around noon you may be feeling extra powerful, be careful not to miss the big picture. It’s a good time for caution. later today, your mind may be more focused on future security. The mental freedom that you may have been feeling the past few weeks feels a bit more restricted. Don’t worry. As long as you put in the much needed work, you’ll be fine. Late tonight, you may be feeling a clash with your rebellious side. Try not to get too carried away.

Transits of the day:

  • Moon conjunct Pluto, 11:57 am
  • Moon square Jupiter, 1:39 pm
  • Mercury enters Capricorn, 4:18 pm
  • Moon square Uranus, 8:57 pm


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