Monday 14/11/16

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Journey by the sea

Monday 14th November, 2016.

Full Moon in Taurus.

Sun in Scorpio.

Happy Super Moon day! There is a major Full Moon happening this week having a great influence this week has the potential to be very magical.  Today Monday 14th is we see the Full Moon in Taurus, it’s not only a Full Moon but a Super Moon!! This Moon will be the closest it has been to earth since 1948! Today with the Full Moon in Taurus and the Sun is in Scorpio, we have this important reworking, renewing, revamping energy floating around! The Full Moon is all about closure and completion, and the Sun in Scorpio which is all about transformation, intensity, getting to the root of things and really changing things on a fundamental level. The contrast between earthy, grounded, practical Taurus and the crisis, dark and intense Scorpion energy comes to full blossom today and most…

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Astrology : Daily Panchang – November 14th, 2016

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Anoop Astrology Sutra

Daily Panchang – November 14th, 2016

Kartik Month of hindu calendar, 15th day – Punima (Kartik Purnima), Shukla Paksha, Nakshtra at the time of Sun rise in Bharani Nakshtra and will be till 16:26 Hrs (IST), Moon will be in Kritika Nakshtra at 16:26 Hrs (IST). Variyan Yog, Vishti Karan. Sun Rise in New Delhi will be at 06:47 Hrs (IST) and Sunset at 17:24 Hrs. (IST). At the time of sunrise Moon will be in Aries sign and moves in Taurus sign at 21:38 Hrs (IST). Bhadra will be till 09:19 Hrs (IST). Kartik Purnima. Gurunanak Jayanti.

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Full Moon information; astronomers say it is closer than usual to us

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Full ‘Intimate-Touch’ Moon-Nov14

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Monday kicks off with some magical and Soulful motivation just prior to the emotional peak around intimate touch issues or my money and your money.

At 5:21am Mars at 3:49 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 9:49 Virgo.

Here we have double-magic/5D motivation resulting from some Soul Awareness. We may even wake up early because we need to ACT upon some revelation to serve someone else. Mars in Aquarius is in Mutual Reception with Uranus. So this aspect brings in Uranian flashes of inspiration and awareness. Mars will ACT on those flashes without much forethought. Our actions are likely to be in doing something for someone else… serving them in some manner.

At 8:51am the Moon at 22:37 Taurus Opposes the Sun at 22:37 Scorpio creating the Full Moon.

As Taurus and Scorpio form the axis of touch and sex as well as my money/resources and your money/resources, this…

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AlchemyAstrology: 13-14 November, 2016, Sunday-Monday, Neutral

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Alchemy Astrology

Full Moon in Aries (14), laboratory process of Calcinationemotionally aggressive

Sidereal astrology is about what’s ‘in the air’ for us as individuals.*

A good time to: be objective: it may be easier than usual to look deeply at the intricacies of our anger in a non-judgmental way.

Challenges: aggression; it’s a very commanding and incisive time right now, it will be easier to spot for sure.

Balance: open mind; be alert, moderately watch for opportunities that can spark change.

Keywords to Contemplate:
Moderate . . . . . . . . . . . . .    Sun in Libra – persistent, unifying
Aggressive (emotionally). . Full Moon in Aries (14) – changes, aggressive
Incisive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mercury in Scorpio – mental, solidifying
Objective . . . . . . . …

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Full ’Beaver’ SuperMoon – the biggest and brightest until 2034

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Astrology Software 2020

Beaver Moon

Full ’Beaver’ SuperMoon will occur on November 14th, 2016 at 08:51:59 EST (13:51:59 UT) in the tropical Taurus (its sign of ‘Exaltation’), sidereal Aries, above the first – worth mentioning – ’marker’ stars of the Taurus constellation, ’xi’ and ’omicron’ Tauri, known as the ’underbelly’ stars of the Bull. This Full Moon is not only the biggest one (as a result of its near-perigee position) of 2016 but also the largest Full Moon to date in the 21st century and it won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25th, 2034! (The last similarly large SuperMoon has happened on January 26th, 1948.)

But why is it ’Beaver’ Moon? November’s Full Moon was called the ’Beaver Moon’ by both the colonists and the Algonquin tribes because this was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. It was also called…

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Today’s reading

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Monavie Voight

We are responsible for our own actions and the karma it brings.. Today brings those into check. If things go unpleasantly, don’t blame others, look within for the reason. If today is one of satisfaction, keep doing what you are doing.

These readings are general messages from laying out three tarot cards. They are not intended as specific readings for any one person. If you would like more information about my work and to inquire about a personal reading for yourself, please visit my website:

Information provided is not intended to substitute for informed professional medical, psychiatric, psychological, tax, legal, investment, accounting, or other professional advice. If you submit a question or comment, we will assume you are interested in soliciting and receiving general information rather than professional advice. We are not responsible for any results that may or may not be associated with using or…

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Full Moon in Taurus; November 14th, 2016 ♉

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A FullMoon in Taurus lights the skies on Monday, November 14th, 2016, at 8:52 AM EST. This Super Moon stands across from the Scorpio Sun and energizes the mysteries, beauty and possibilities of life.

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Full Moon in Taurus…

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Laurie Rae's House of Astrology

At 6:53a MST November 14th, the Moon sits in opposition to the Sun, creating the Full Moon phase. The Moon will be at 22 degrees of Taurus 38′ and the Sun, 22 degrees of Scorpio 38′. The Full Moon reflects the unconscious desires of the Sun/Soul at this time.

dsc05068Looking back to the New Moon in Scorpio October 30th, what fears have you faced and surpassed these past two weeks? What is this Full Moon Illuminating for you? Bringing a bright flashlight or spotlight for you to SEE clearly that once was hiding for dear life within your Inner Darkness? What has been revealed into the Light for your awareness?

Taurus rules the throat, the thyroid gland, your ability to Speak Your Truth! Any issues with your throat this Full Moon brings your attention/awareness towards what you aren’t able to, or are afraid to, speak up about!

The Scorpio portion…

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Trust Full Moon

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jbuss Astrology

The fulcrum of the 14 November Full Moon is Learning to Trust.  Lord knows we need it.  It’s a pretty amazing chart.

The Full Moon itself is the spine of another Yin Gate (Mystery School), as it splits the Rebirth of Genius Golden Rectangle (Ixion-Pholus Opposite Chaos-Veritas and Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne Opposite Haumea-Sappho).  The Moon is on Sedna (Actions Taken out of Panic), the Sun on Lilith (Personal Sovereignty).

Pallas (Boundaries) makes a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) with the Full Moon, and a Grand Trine (Grace) with one long side of the Golden Rectangle.  That means we have five of the six corners of a Grand Sextile (Great Success, if we take the first step).  The Vacancy (the Energy which we need to supply Consciously, to Create Balance) which completes both the Grand Sextile and the…

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