A Few Predictions that do not require astrology (2017 et seq, Presidential Politics)

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A Few Predictions that do not require astrology (2017 et seq, Presidential Politics)

[Originally posted 5:31 AM CST November 8, 2016; minor edits on Feb 10th 2017]

3  Election Predictions

No Astrology Needed

Before we elect a new President here in the United States, facing the choice between Donald Trump (and his family, hereafter “Trump” as is popular) and Hillary Clinton (who is a package with Bill Clinton, the impeached former President, and their daughter), I would like to make a few predictions without astrology (and a bit of one with astrology).

  1.  Whoever is elected will face impeachment, though different reasons apply.If Hillary is elected, the same kind of conduct that has characterized the Clintons in the White House before (email scandals, Bill’s sexual predation, etc.) will continue and impeachment proceedings will be launched.If Donald is elected, his various comments (such as the “locker room talk”) and past actions (such as the Trump Casino boondoggle) will form the basis of investigations and, again, impeachment proceedings will begin.Whether these impeachment proceedings will happen in 2017 or 2019 requires further analysis.
  2. Obama inherited a financial mess from George Bush consequent to the unnecessary war in Iraq (probably to help make the cronies of the Bush family wealthy but excused by the events of 9/11, sort of, as we went hunting for “weapons of mass destruction”), and Obama’s continued incompetence has NOT healed the economy despite all the rhetoric he is pushing.A particularly bad “crash” is facing us after a dishwater tepid “recovery” and whoever comes into office will be facing that financial crisis.  But, to some degree, a bit of a coverup will be done to give Obama a chance to save face.
  3. In order to cure #2, the incumbent will have little choice but to pursue a “hot” war (tanks and soldiers and battlefields, and as opposed to a “cold” war using spies and diplomacy).This will probably be a middle east war, will probably involve ISIS or some similar entity, and will probably have a precipitating event similar to 9/11 (and “intelligence failures” will be covered up again, just like what happened years ago with Pearl Harbor).

I think any sufficiently astute observer of 20th Century history, and early 21st Century history, can easily piece together what I am saying here.

A Wee Bit of Astrology Needed

[If you have not read our August 2015 analysis of the election, you might want to do so.]

Now the part that requires a bit more analysis, and I tend to rely on astrology here:

If Trump is elected, we will move into a “hot war.”  But if the Clintons go back in (and, as of this writing, the indicators are that the Clinton branch of the Bush-Clinton machinery is likely to be back in the White House), then we will go into a “*HOT* war.”  This war might be the first one to involve nukes since World War II.

(Might it be “Armageddon”?  Let’s hope not!)

Mars and Pluto

Why?  What astrology supports a “hot war” regardless of which one is elected?  The answer is that *BOTH* of them have Mars (War) in Leo (Presidents and Kings) AND Pluto (Annihilation, Nukes, Spies, Assassinations) in Leo (Presidents and Kings).

However, Hillary has these CONJUNCT (highly amplified and focused) whereas Donald merely has them in the same sector (bad enough!).  This deserves a separate, detailed article later, but election day is at hand (and the time is not  available to do this kind of detailed analysis).

In either case, the entry of Mars into Aquarius (opposing, ultimately, both the Mars and Pluto of BOTH candidates) marks the coming of the event that precipitates the war.

Strange Bedfellows

One more prediction, part astrology (based on Mars/Pluto) and part not: do not be surprised at all for the one who is NOT the incumbent to become a supporter of the one who IS the incumbent, particularly in this matter of the “hot war.”  Both have Mars/Pluto in Leo, and politics does make strange bedfellows.

Post Script:  (a rant)

Regarding “Armageddon”: I am not a Bible-thumper, but the Christian Bible does have some valid points from a metaphysical perspective, or at least that is my opinion.  As is true for many of us in “The South” (of the United States), I am from a Christian heritage and respect those teachings as much as I can but I cannot ignore certain scientific challenges (example: the idea of a “literal” virgin birth) and historical ideas that have long been concealed but is now coming to light.


What might those historical ideas be?  I think that Zeitgeist the Movie has some valid points.   (I am referring to the roughly the first thirty minutes of the movie, specifically but NOT necessarily the later parts of the movie.  (As always, you will have to decide for yourself.))  Let’s face it, astrology is woven all through the original Christian mythos, and 2,000 years of attempting to purge it has simply failed, as censorship inevitably does.

Persecution of Prometheus

What really irritates me the most about the Christian ideology is the conversion of Prometheus, a hero in the Greek mythology who brought the gift of fire (and light and enlightenment and the source of the “Olympic Torch”) to the humans from the Olympian gods into the “fallen angel” named “Lucifer” and an obvious villain in the Christian story.

Frankly, that stinks!  SHAME on whoever did that!  Prometheus is the ancient emblem of our ability to innovate and create art and technology.  But I suppose it is precedent for our collective tendency to sometimes villify people (or ideals) who are truly heroes!

Whoever did that nasty deed was the enemy of independent people who choose to think for themselves, outside the guidelines of the thought police.

Temptation is the Philosopher’s Stone

Do you like Lucifer the Television Show?  I do!  He makes great points: his power stems, almost completely, from his ability to tempt.  Were it not for temptation, he would have no power.  But, then again, neither would any of the advertising on lamestream media.

But, let us be clear: temptation is the Philosopher’s Stone.  In the crucible of the misery that results from our own bad choices, temptation leads us down a road that transforms us either by our death (literally! as in from alcohol or drug overdoses) or that metaphorically “kills” the old self leaving someone new, as was true with Saul / Paul.

Being a “message bearer” is a dangerous job.  The Titans rejected Prometheus after he liberated Zeus (Jupiter, and higher order thought) from Kronos (Saturn, and the bonds and the exoskeleton of “how we have always done things”).  He was welcomed by Zeus into Olympus and did well there until he gave fire (light, reasoning, insight) to the humans.  Then he was kicked out of Olympus.

But, we humans had to commit the same error as the Gods.  As part of the price of learning to reason and have insight, Prometheus exposed the power of Temptation to humans, so we showed our collective gratitude by renaming Prometheus into Lucifer and sending him to Hell (also known as “casting him into the darkness”).

If Prometheus could speak directly to the typical “Christians” and the Christian Power Structure, he would probably say this: “O why dost though persecute me so?”

I bet they might answer thus: because it is just too tempting.

See, also: Wikipedia Article on Comparative Mythology

2012 Revisited: A Messy and Close Election

Edit: [late on 2016 November 08, near 6 PM CST]  “We also recommend that you read this analysis by Katie Turner over at Know Your Vibes Astrology.  It is a good analysis.  However, I would offer that I think, long term, that Hillary is by far the more dangerous of the two.  (It has to do with this issue of a “hot war” I wrote about earlier.  Only time will tell.  At an intuitive level, without any deep analysis, I tend to agree also with the others that, whoever goes in, we are almost certainly looking at a one term president, similar to the Jimmy Carter situation of the late 1970’s.)

Here is our analysis of the 2012 election.  It was also extremely close and extremely messy and difficult to predict.  But, we wrote these words:  “But, Obama has the Moon conjunct Mercury, a bit more favorable as far as aspects go.  We think he will win.”  This time we think Hillary will win.  But, again, it will be both close and messy.  And, we expect impeachment proceedings to be at least attempted if not completed.”

Neptune Conjunct South Node: Will They Live Long Enough to be Impeached?

Edit #2 November 8th [about 6:35 CST]:  Tara Greene has posted “You’ve never seen this, Neptune conjunct Pisces South Node.” So, what was going on in 1849?  This was.  More specifically, United States President Zachary Taylor took office on March 4, 1849.  “Taylor’s status as a national hero as a result of his victories in the Mexican-American War won him election to the White House despite his vague political beliefs.”  (Almost sounds like Donald Trump a bit, doesn’t it?)

But, more disturbing, is his death not even two years into the term: “Taylor died suddenly of a stomach-related illness in July 1850, so had little impact on the sectional divide that led to civil war a decade later.”  Sworn in in March of 1849 (Pisces) and dead by July of 1850 (Cancer).

Therefore, we modify our #1 impeachment prediction based on the astrological consideration of Neptune conjunct South Node: the impeachment proceedings will be attempted (or completed) given that the incumbent lives long enough for this to occur.  (And, based on what happened to the POTUS the LAST time we had the Neptune / South Node aspect, we are concerned regarding some kind of “repeat” could occur.  Maybe the big question is actually who will be Vice President?)


  1. Nice and clinical.

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    • Thanks. I really do try to be neutral, though sometimes that occasional rant slips through.

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  2. Strangely, haven’t seen Zeitgeist, I’ll do so today during the VOC.

    Whoever gets the election will be a one term president. If we look down the road at election cycle 2020, a very different story emerges.

    As someone who has a brother and a brother-in-law in the military, I too suspect war either way which scares me.

    Great post!

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    • I do not agree with everything in Zeitgeist. The latter parts are too paranoid, even for me! 🙂 That said, I think the first 30 minutes is completely “spot on.” I do know SOME of it has been “debunked” over the years, but the overall message is intact: (1) religions have massively stolen the same ideas from each other; (2) those ideas are really astrologically based; and (3) the Christian “editors” over the centuries have tried to repeatedly remove the overt astrology in an attempt to be thought police. (It has been effective in the past, but less and less today.)
      I have not dug enough to confirm the “one term president” idea, but I have heard it repeatedly from many other astrologers. I suppose I need to do some pieces on that!
      I hope your kindred remain safe and sound. And, as always, thanks for the encouragement!

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      • Thanks for thinking of my family and I do agree on the Biblical assessment. I think most people who go into it with an open mind arrive at similar conclusions. For me, anyway, I’ve never seen a contradiction in Christianity and astrology.

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      • Yes, me, too. But then we usually agree! Funny, but the more I write and research on these topics the more I am “changing.” Not sure what that means, but I do know it is happening. Hmm.

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      • Well I think that’s the quality of an open mind, to allow ones beliefs to “grow up”. (Particularly relevant to Saturn in Sagittarius.) I’ve met many a person who’s claimed to be “open minded” who is anything but, and will keep the same ideas and beliefs regardless. Surely just life experience itself is enough of a teacher to change our views over time?

        We do usually agree, but “great minds” and all, right? 🙂

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      • Yes, agreed. And you have a good point about “open minds” and people who are “open” as long as you agree with them. But it is processing difference that is both the real challenge and the source of an truly expanded viewpoint. It is a bit like Lucifer’s “temptation” in that piece I wrote today. (Shameless plug follows) https://grandtrines.wordpress.com/2016/11/08/a-few-predictions-that-do-not-require-astrology-2017-et-seq-presidential-politics/


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    • Thanks for the reblog!

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  5. […] can be detrimental, especially if she decides to go to war, and he’s mentioned it in his post here. Also worth noting is her Saturn in Leo. Even though it’s not in the conjunction with Pluto […]

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  6. Ok Zeitgeist was really good, recommended to anyone who happens across this.

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    • 🙂 Thought you might like that! 🙂


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  8. i havent watched Zeitgeist but will, Trump is ahead at this moment. I am feeling very angry. I hate Clinton but i abhor Trump more because he stands for ignorance, misogyny, fear. Yes America needs a change- but what kind of change and in what direction? Bernie was the true candidate for real change. and theyshut him up. There will be assassinations America is ready to devolve into a police state/ You dont need astrology to see that one coming

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  10. Fascinating way to look at the election, but I also believe that “it doesn’t take a weather vane to know which way the wind blows.”

    I am enjoying Lucifer as well (on Hulu), despite the fact that it is an offering of the “lamestream media.” (lol – my feelings as well).
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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    • Fox is a little better than the rest. Not much TV for me. But, I also do like “Bull” on CBS even though it can be formulaic (no doubt due to interference from CBS execs to make it “fit in” with the other shows). I can (barely) tolerate Scorpion (despite its routine severe disconnect from reality as well as tending to be formulaic). I avoid the rest of cable / broadcast but do watch some streaming content.

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      • I don’t like MOST of American metrics-obsessed television – especially what passes for “news” anymore (Fox included and probably especially). I have enjoyed some of their dramatic offerings, however.

        It seems to me that narrowly “educated” Biz-school grads with accountability for the shows’ production (and continuation) wouldn’t know writing, acting or directing talent if it mugged them. If they DID we would see higher quality television last more than a few seasons and fewer “Real Housewives” etc. “reality” nonsense popping up like flies at a picnic.

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      • For lamestream media it is a never ending battle between making the most advertising dollars and pushing their Marxist agenda down the throats of the rest of us. They don’t give a sh*t about anything else, but they do “fact check” anything that can be used to attack their credibility directly, i.e. to “nail them” like what happened to Dan Rather a few years back. My impression is that, to get ratings up, they produce shows that people with mental disabilities (i.e. low IQ) can follow. Actually, nothing WRONG with that EXCEPT I personally need content that is a bit brainier. The brainier shows sometimes get produced, but they routinely fail the ratings contest. I know that if I REALLY like it that it will probably fail in the first season. If I HATE it, then it will be on for a decade or more. Mostly, I have given up on lamestream media content. It is for someone else, but not for someone like me. (More and more of us are abandoning lamestream media. It is sort of like so-called “white flight” except it is really more like “intellect flight.” This causes them to dumb-down the content even further to drive ratings up. My guess is that, before long, the average IQ of the audience will be about 70. They have already lost me, though a member of my household sometimes likes to run the idiot box in the background so I do pick up some of the ear pollution.) As the French are know to lament: C’est la vie.

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      • Maybe too late already – average IQ wise. Penny wise-pound foolish.

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      • I agree. Some of the direction of media is obvious. (Maybe this should be a blog entry rather than a comment.) Broadcast television in urban areas has splintered (I sometimes watch this). Here in Dallas, ABC (Channel 8) apparently points ALL of its antennas to the south, which is primarily minority neighborhoods. The other three (Fox, CBS, NBC) are available in the far north (of the Metroplex) where I live. All of them (except Fox) have secondary channels that run content that mostly predates 2000 (i.e. Perry Mason with Raymond Burr, Andy Griffith show, and similar). These channels obviously target retirees who do not have cable. I think, though, that the broadcast guys do not really care about the over 50 audience. A stack of channels exist in other languages, including Vietnamese. I would watch them, but I don’t speak the language. Sometimes I watch them anyway just to see what is there. Cable has forced us all into digital (off of analog) ostensibly to provide better service but, also obviously, really to track what we are watching. Our digital service is actually crappier than the old analog service with some of the channels we like now unviewable. (TNT is splattered with the equivalent of digital white noise.) The lamestream channels actually have different content on cable sometimes, particularly different advertising. I think this brings in more advertising dollars. The rest of cable has been becoming crappier and crappier over the years and tending to move anything worth viewing to “premium channels” and higher “tiers” to squeeze the viewer more. Many of us, apparently you included, are moving to streaming on-demand content such as Netflex, Hulu, and similar. The situation is likely to only fracture more, and the IQ level of lamestream channels is likely to continue to drop like the proverbial lead balloon. The idea that lamestream media reflects what most of us think is foolish, and it has much to do with why they still do not have a clue why Trump won. They seem to think Trump is out of touch when, in fact, they are. Much of the vote for Trump was not really a vote for him, and I think he might know that. It was a protest vote against Hillary (and the corrupt Bush-Obama-Clinton “business as usual” machinery) and the lamestream media and all the crap they are trying to force down the throat of the rest of us. Trump may be unstable and unpredictable, but he is really the only hope the rest of us have. And, I am beginning to think his so-called “instability” is really an advantage; it makes it difficult for the machine to manipulate him. I like that. I hope he kicks ass.

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  11. Yep on all counts – especially the fact that the American Public is fed up with “business as usual” and voted AGAINST it, rather than FOR anyone. I wrote a post with the same opinion [“Can you hear them NOW”].

    I, too, hope for the best in the upcoming 4 years, including significant and much needed change in the manner in which politics are conducted in this country. I doubt, however, that I am as optimistic as you seem to be that DT is the man to do it.

    Hate breeds hate, and his campaign was one of hate-mongering – the end does NOT justify means, and that MATTERS to me. [search for: Ten Things I Do Not Want in My President]

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    • We had no meaningful alternative to DT. All the rest were business as usual. Let’s hope he follows through with the campaign promises and does not let himself become derailed by the machine.

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