Conscious Clarity & Soulful, Karmic Square-Oct 27

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Snapshot: Few days will provide so much personal insight as Thursday will. Noon will bring us clarifying communications and ideas about our intimate connections with other/s. But by dinnertime, our desires will be Soulfully and Karmicly squeezed like a vice. The evening could bring a bit of reprieve around our motivations.

At 12:16pm the Sun at 4:40 Scorpio Conjuncts Mercury at 4:40 Scorpio.

One of roughly 6 days all year when our thoughts and ideas align with our goals and real-time/reality. We can set plans that are attainable if we can avoid the trap of Mercury as he speeds ahead of the Sun losing touch with reality. But all day, and especially around noontime, all of the expressions towards us or from us will reflect what IS the reality or what our sense of what ‘truth’ is. It will be something to do with intimacy and shared resources, it could…

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