Venus Sextiles Jupiter: 10/26

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Venus Sextiles Jupiter tomorrow at 11:19 am at 10 degrees Sagittarius and 10 degrees Libra.

Venus represents relationships. It’s feminine energy, energy that you take within to work with before releasing it outwards with others. It’s how we balance ourselves with another person. It’s how we bring in a completely different body of energy and create love and harmony, rather than conflict and clashing.

Right now it’s in Sagittarius, the sign that represents adventure and optimism. Sagittarius is on a quest for understanding and experiences. It finds its bliss through things like long road trips, visits to foreign places, higher education, or exploring other religions and philosophies. Everything that it learns it synthesizes into something that has meaning. It looks for it own theories and points of views, and wants to share those ideas and notions with the world.

With Venus in Sagittarius, it’s your relationships that create an outlet…

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