Love and angels,Venus square Neptune

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Oct 25 VIRGO MOON is a practical and intellectual energy today.

Virgo by Jospeh Stella 1926 Art Astrology

The Moon squares VENUS in SAGITTARIUS in the afternoon, this puts the brakes on those high-flying adventures or long-distance love affairs. At least you need the budget.

Moon opposes NEPTUNE
The practical dream is what we need right now. Bring it down to earth, make it real, tangible.

VENUS squares NEPTUNE @ 9+ degrees SAGITTARIUS

Venus Shekinah Astrology Tara Greene

image by Werner Hornung

9 degrees Sagittarius is the Fixed Star ANTARES, Archangel URIEL, the SHEKINAH

Antares is also the Fixed Star representing one of the four main archangels this is Angel Uriel not to be confused with Ariel. Uriel known as Phanuel to the Gnostics, holds the highest position as the Angel of Presence, Prince of Presence, Angel of the Face, Angel of Sanctification, Angel of Glory. A Prince of the Presence is an angel who is allowed to enter the presence of God…

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