Thursday 13/10/16

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Journey by the sea

Thursday 13th, October 2016

The Gibbous Moon is in Pisces

Mercury in Libra squares Mars in Capricorn

Mercury in Libra quincunxes the South Node in Pisces

Mercury in Libra quincunxes the south node in Pisces.This aspects can create tension and friction between our mind and intellect and our karmic past. The South Node traditional is about our past karmic lessons, lessons that some are denying or refusing to acknowledge and is holding them back from evolving on a soul level. South Node in Pisces triggers us to live in our shadow side, live in denial, delusion and avoidance of reality! The shadow side also includes us disconnecting from the body and reality, along with spiritual bypassing and refusing to see the truth in matters. Mercury  quincunxes the South Node gentle reminds us to be careful in how we perceive things, how we think and how we speak. Avoiding any quick and…

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