Venus, Lilith conjunction in Uber sexual SCORPIO

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

October 6th Venus the Goddess of love conjuncts the Black Moon Lilith in UBER SEXUAL Scorpio at that 15th and most intense degree of the ZODIAC.

The LOVE GODDESS and LILITH who absolutely refuses to be tamed, dominated, or compromised are your Goddesses to go to. It is your sacred duty to allow them to live through you.

LILITH connects, Tara Greene.

Women, this is one of the hottest days and energies for you to demand that your sexual desires be met. Bring out your inner LILITH, your Whore of Babylon.  Honor your needs, refuse to compromise, and own your own sexuality. She is NOT a dominatrix. She doesn’t need to dominate. She wanted equality with ADAM.  Since women’s sexuality has been repressed for over 5,000 years part of the rebalance is to own your own needs first. Men  you always knew that women have all the power. If you really want to be empowered…

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