Sun square Pluto

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Sun square Pluto will happen on 7th October, 2016 at 19:33:17 UT /15:33:17 EDT/. The last exact square between Sun staying at the 15° of the tropical Libra and Pluto staying at the 15° of the tropical Capricorn came to pass on 28th September, 1524.

It’s interesting that, at the same time, a ’Mercury conjunct Autumnal Equinox Point’ and a ’Moon conjunct Winter Solstice Point’ will occur. Since Pluto, more and more approaching the fixed star ’Albaldah’ (pi Sagittarii, on the back of the head of the ’Archer’), will be in wide – but ’applicative’ – conjunction with Mars, and Uranus square Pluto will still remain, we can experience the presence of some background tension.  >> More Info

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