VENUS Trine NEPTUNE Deepwater soul sex tips

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

After the LIBRA Black Moon which is all about beginnings in balanced love relationships. there will be a wonderful VENUS Goddess of Love, beauty, luxury and WOMEN in Sizzling sexy Scorpio, ruler of LIBRA, in a beautiful trine to NEPTUNE in PISCES on October 1st the New Moon date in GMT. 

This is a beautiful aspect for deepwater, oceanic, orgasmic, soul sex. A combination of Scorpio’s intense sexual passion with PISCES sublime dreamy, melting into one another energy. This aspect enhances all intuitive, psychic, telepathic, dreaming, 6th sense, oracular energies. A great time for divination and lucid dream work. 

Venus Pisces astrology Tara

If you are in a relationship use this energy to prepare a special romantic evening. Luscious foods, mutual massages, and plenty of time for tantric sexuality. Plan this carefully, it is a ritual of honoring each other, with men especially intent on pleasure the Goddess. Have lots of sensual beautiful rich delicious delights…

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  1. Wowee. Right on the mark here. During a recent vision quest, I was very much inspired by very vivid sensual contact with devine feminine energies. A precious new bond with, numinosity and higher creativity practically grounded in the physical was formed. Stay tuned for the post on this coming soon.


    • Venus Trine Neptune is fun if you do not take it too seriously!

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      • Kewwwl. Any excuse for goofing off.

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      • Or that brief glimpse of God that is hidden in nature.

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      • I go for small g god, one for every particle in existence! Talk about pantheistic, there a billion little goddy bhoddies, in my boogers.

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      • What more can one say? I have been pantheistic for a very long time also. Even when I was a young boy trying hard to be a “good Christian,” I equated God (Big G) with nature (and beyond). Even at a fairly early age (by 10 or 11), the “Old Man in the Sky” thing did not work. Anyway, that idea was merely “borrowed” (stolen) from the Greek sky god (Uranus). I do have trouble with being “polytheistic.” Mercury, Venus, etc. are not “gods” to me but clocks (as well as planets). Maybe really BIG clocks, but still clocks. Nothing more.

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      • Interesting insight. Thank you. I was surrounded by catholic idolatry as a child courtesy of my grandmother, glow in the dark Marys, sacred heart pendants and midnight mass. I never really connected spiritually so much as a child and figured that it must not have done much good for my grandparents. Their lives were pretty messed up. I slowly but surely gravitated east, finding the entrance to my Shamanic path in yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. After I went deeper into more of the Shamanic folk Buddhist traditions, I began to pick up the threads of Gnostic Christianity. I do like the Vedic and Gnostic Christian idea that planets are actually concious beings. And have wondered whether our consciousness may eventually evolve to the point where we become a planetary deity. Does the knowledge we humans develop in terraforming planets become stored in our human quantum field, until after billions and billions of years, our soul sparks become the energetic centres for a planets and we get to. We should remember to call home across the void to Gaia for advice. Lol!

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      • So many questions. I lack the bandwidth to address any of these but tangentially. I grew up on things like the original “Kung Fu” television series only to find that it was probably poop manufactured for the American public (more Hollyweird). My first (and only) martial arts teacher from Asia was nothing like the TV show. He was a LITTLE bit like “Miyagi” in that he insisted on PRACTICE and thought almost everything else was BS. (Belt? J C Penny, $3.99. No, we actually did have “belts,” but he thought most of the rest of it was POOP. I am being polite.)

        My first (and best) Yoga teacher was similar. She was from the U.S. but had been immersed in Yoga for decades. She insisted on practice, too, but was much gentler in her approach than the MA guy. Nevertheless, practice was nearly everything and chatter about “philosphy” almost (though not quite) a waste of time. She honored the tradition, but most of the tradition was found in the Asanas (not chatter).

        Those (and other) experiences have left me wary. To be certain, I have had my own rather powerful experiences. But they are not anything I would ever share on the Internet. Too many of the predators (sociopaths and other scum) are on the ‘net now, and I would never disclose anything like that. Just running my blogs is a terrific risk. I do it mostly to reach out, and help (without compensation), anyone similar to myself as I was twenty (or more) years ago. (I have thought about trying to “monetize” my work. However, so far, I keep deciding against that.)

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      • I have been hearing bits and pieces about the 5D stuff for a few years now but am unsure whether it is legit or just the latest fad. Many years ago, back in the 1990’s, I saw some stuff about “wanderers” (starseeds, walk-ins, etc.) on Usenet (back before that became the wasteland it is today) that caught my eye. I saw an early “wanderer” test (not the crap that circulates today, mostly “Barnum statements”) that was well-constructed. It was highly specific and NOT the kind of thing that EVERYONE would “qualify” for. I scored 18 out of 20… …I have had some other “interesting” experiences but they are not suitable for internet posting. Based on some people / events that I simply cannot describe here, I am likely a “starseed” or “wanderer” or something like that. This is not anything I have sought out, but the idea keeps coming back to me, repeatedly, over time. I am not sure what to “do” with it, if anything. As an aside, I think a very crafy storyteller was able to sneak the ideas past Hollyweird with this (rather brilliant) effort:

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      • Were all Star seeds I think. I like the Daoist cosmology that creates a familial lineage to explain the decendency of consciousness through the energetic lens of different star systems, ancestrally speaking the consciousness of our sun which is the central guiding intelligence of our planetary system (not to be confused with sun worship, but simply as an energetic focal point through which the energy of consciousness is transmitted.) Is the progeny of Sirius. So many ancient cultures, Egyptians, The Dogon, The Hopi and many more refer to Sirius as the place of ancestors. People take this literally and say oh of course Sirians must have come by spaceship. But I don’t believe this to be the case. Scientists have found the effects of a subtle energetic membrane which connects certain planets and their is one that connects Sirius and our sun. So it gives a lot of credence these ancient cosmologies regarding our starseedy status.


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