Into the Dark-The New Moon in Libra

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A Witch's Sacred Journey

An excerpt from my post reflecting on the energy of this New Moon is Libra. Enjoy…


Maiden Moon is cloaked in darkness as She begins a new journey tomorrow in the astrological sign of Libra. The Moon transits in Libra at 3:52a.m. and rises New at 8:11 p.m.(EDT). Balance, harmony and beauty flow through these dark waters as she rises like Venus from the waters; this Maiden is one of polarized opposite to that of the brilliantly lit Venus her sister of light and revelation. Her nakedness is hidden in the night, yet she allows herself the vulnerability that can only be achieved through trust un the inherent balance striven towards.

There is courage that flows through this New Moon, having stationed into this phase mid-point of the scales of the Libran Solar Month.

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