Astronomy – The Zodaic

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A good, and MUCH NEEDED, explanation of Tropical v. Sidereal. (Like anyone else that honors the Solstice points / Equinox, I use Tropical.)

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Well, understanding of ASTRONOMY is the most important for Astrology.

Our ancestors looked at the sky from earth and made predictions based on planets and their positions.

Though the Earth moves around the Sun.On Earth, Sun appears to be moving around the Earth in a particular orbit called as “ECLIPTIC”

8 degrees north and 8 degrees South of this orbit (Ecliptic) as seen from Earth is a region that forms a band/belt called as ZODIAC/ ZODIAC BELT.

From Earth all Planets and Fixed stars are to be seen in this ZODIAC BELT only. 

Thus, the Zodiac belt may be said to have all fixed star groups – constellations/signs and all planets seem to be moving along this direction.


See the diagram – The Solid line around center earth is ECLIPTIC – Sun’s orbit of movement as it appears from earth. (This is a diagrammatic representation). It is a…

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